Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maruti Gypsy

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The Maruti Gypsy is a four wheel drive SUV.It is produced in India, it is also available in Chile and Kenya and very popular there too. In Europe, it is most often found in Malta and Hungary. is available with 4 seats and a good size trunk. In India Maruti Gypsy is available in three variants, "soft top", "hard top” and as an "ambulance car".
In India, it is largely used by the police and defense forces. As a matter of fact, the MG-413 model is now the mainstay of the Indian Army. In civilian use also, the Gypsy is a popular choice as a low-cost SUV.
In India, market for used Maruti Gypsy is on rise, since it is available only on demand. One has to make an full advance payment and waiting time is minimum 3 months. The price tag is as low as 5 lakh for entry model, and this has been the prime reason for the love this Vehicle has been generating for years.Lookwise and performance wise its on par, and most owners in India go for some kind of modification to enhance its look as a SUV.It more famous for its performance Off the road, and considered best on terrain and desert. It has good looks but there are no plush interiors, and comfort level is bit low. Its more of a utility based vehicle than a luxury. There are no power windows or Power steering. But there is no deviation from the affection it has created among its fans and Maruti Gypsy is developing into a very popular vehicle in its category.
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