Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maruti Zen

The Maruti Zen is a Maruti Suzuki product. Its a 5 door hatchback popular across the globe. The word Zen Stands for Zero Engine Noise. Zen is a Japanese word , derived from a Sanskrit word "Dhyana" which means meditation.
The Maruti Zen was first launched in 1993 in India. It was known as a first premium compact car and has been doing good
For 13 years till the Company decided to stop its production for a while and re-launched it as Zen Estilo, means stylish (Spanish)
It was presumed that the production took a backseat to promote Alto, Another product of Maruti Suzuki.
However the sale of Zen is on decline since the market has become more intense and many players are entering into Indian Arena. Maruti Suzuki itself has launched model in various classes like Swift, SX4 to name a few.
But Estilo is still finding its way into the market with all new looks and bound to survive to repeat the historical value of the name associated with it which is ‘Zen’
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