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Maruti A-Star

Maruti A-Star

Maruti A-Star was launched on 15 Nov 2008. The most influential part of ever growing Indian Auto industry, Maruti Suzuki has always maintained its top position and has brought many models to start small car revolution. Ritz has become all the rage too. Maruti A-Star balances well on the parameters of the technology and innovation.

The stunning A-star is manufactured in India for the global market to cater Indian and European needs. It thrives on its state of the art engineering, sparkling style, sturdy performance, and is yet very economical. This car is designed in such a manner that 85% of its components are recyclable. that makes it one of the most eco-friendly car around.

Maruti A-Star comes with a 3-cylinder K10B petrol engine, which gives out a power of 67 PS @ 6200 rpm with a maximum torque of 90 Nm @ 3500 rpm. The engine is equipped with multi-point fuel injection system and accelerates on a 5-speed MT (manual transmission) gearbox. As said earlier Maruti A-star has been developed in a manner that it delivers the best fuel efficiency in its class. This hatchback model designed to deliver a mileage of 19.50 kmpl.
Three variants of Maruti A-Star have made available so far, namely LXi, VXi and ZXi.Price tag ranges from Rs. 3.50 lakh to Rs. 4.12 lakh. The car comes alive with the vibrant range of color i.e. Arctic White, Desert Brown, Midnight Black, Bright Red, Healing Green, Azure Grey, Paradise Blue, Sunlight Copper, and Silky Silver.

The Maruti A-Star comes with Anti-lock Braking System, which helps to prevent skidding on slippery surfaces as well as during emergency braking. The car is scores well on safety features. The robust body structure of A-Star incorporates well on impact energy.

Over all a complete winner all the way.

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