Monday, November 16, 2009

The Great among small cars: Maruti Omni

Maruti Omni is sought after due to its smart, sporty, stylish and comfortability. Maruti Omni's sliding doors are giving a new concept to the body graphics of the car. The sub concept minivan was easy targeted to Urban roads in India. The largest manufacture of cars in India, Maruti Suzuki, has got a lot of achievement after the launch of Maruti Omni. Since 1984, it launched second in the line of vehicles by Maruti Suzuki in the country. Maruti Omni was rolled out in the five seater vehicle segment with 796cc engine, but the next eight seater vehicle was introduced much later. Countries like Japan caught basic design of Maruti Omni. Japanese commercial van is based on Maruti Omni, with some modifications. It was converted into a passenger vehicle. As underpowered vehicle weights quite heavy.

Small cars in India

The Maruti Omni established itself in the market for brilliant performance and affordable price. It's the largest selling vehicle in India and it safety feature also one of the reasons for popularity, it's overall safe and secure car in India. The safety features are the side impact laminated glass windsgield, thermoplastic bumpers, seat belts, and booster assisted disc brakes etc. It has other features like small space parking, keen turning ability and narrow lane driving.

It is heavier than the car and shape is not aerodynamic. This car makes a little unstable especially during very high winds, the vehicle becomes shaky and unstable. one of the minor problem that the quality of ride in the car due leaf spring lineage is very poor. The maneuverability of the cars is quite high, even higher than the Maruti. The space factor is the another key for it's popularity, comparability to other small cars in higher price range. Overall Omni is the favourite among car lovers. Now about comfortness, it has a lot of legroom which helps travelers to sit freely. The sliding door make easy to enter and exit even in crowded places.

Maruti Omni's

The presently available models of Maruti Omni Cars are as follow, five seater-BSIII , Cargo BS-III, Eight seater-BSIII, Cargo LPG-BSIII and LPG BS III. The Maruti Omni is available in numbers of wonderful colours like wine red, Caribbean, superior white, icy blue and silky silver. The two version's are there like cargo version and family version respectively. The cargo version hasn't back seats. it's suited for both city drive and long tours. it makes dual usage for both cargo vehicle and passenger vehicle.

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  1. Once Omni got huge benevolence of people.It was actually the first car which suits to their needs as it was spacious,powerful and inexpensive.Its still in the market with some good changes.