Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maruti aims to sales 1 million car in the FY 2010

The country's leading car manufacture, Maruti Suzuki has intended to sell one million cars in the current Financial Year. Sales ratio in 2009-10 are believed to be zoomed 26 percent from 792,166 units in the previous year. The exports sales will also set to double 145,000 units, said RC Bhargava, chairman of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Earlier, the company has sold 731,000 vehicles in the first three quarters of this year. Japan's Suzuki Motors Crop has 54.2 percent stake in Maruti. The next year might face challenges on increasing raw material prices, a likely roll back of government incentives package. Mr.Bhargava said the company, Which sells one of every two cars in India and dominates the compact car segment, would have to look at the tax impact if the government withdraws stimulus.

Maruti A-Star

The exports sell to be maintained in 2010-11, sales with new forecast market such as Australia, New Zealand and Africa. In this year, the chip older Maruti A-Star Hatchback cars in Europe is expected to have a meaningful impact on the Auto sales market. It has exported to various countries including France, Germany and Britain. In view of all concerns, its not possible to make a firm accurate abroad of what will happen in the next 15 month, he told Reuters in an interview, remembering to the outlook for the coming year. Tata Aria and Ford Figo are the upcoming cars in India.

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