Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maruti Ertiga coming soon to Indian roads

Maruti Suzuki India Limited also called as MSIL, is considered to be the biggest car manufacturer company and it is now looking forward to get launched its much hyped Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) titled as Ertiga, in the Indian market. This is the similar car which was previously code named as R3. The disclosure of the new identity of this Maruti Ertiga settled when the new scout images of the car trapped carrying the Ertiga brooch. The Maruti Ertiga Price will be tagged between Rs. 7 to 10 lakhs approximately.

Maruti Ertiga

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The Maruti Ertiga was first publicized as a perception at the Delhi Auto Expo in January 2010, where it raised to be the leading car at the Maruti’s stage. The car is expected to play against MahindraScorpio and Toyota Innova and rumoured to be launched next year in Auto Expo at Delhi. Maruti Ertiga Review puts forward that Maruti Suzuki India however is throwing every possible card in the battle ground to make the Ertiga the most excellent family vehicle in its segment. In a proposal to make it more spacious from inside, the wheelbase has been extended to 2740mm which is regarded to be 380mm more than the Ritz hatchback. In concern to this, the Ertiga holds a top roof to grant extra space to the seater. The additional wheelbase that has been equipped with third row elongates the entire length of the car to 4265 mm dimension.

While talking about the front structure of the car appears quiet comparable to the Ritz, the internal parts hold considerable resemblances with admiration to design and technique with the newly launched Maruti Swift. While this multi-purpose car also comprises of a five Speed manual transmission which usually consists a driver -operated clutch and a changeable gear stick.The car is rumoured to be accessible in Blazing Red, Torque Blue, Silky Silver, Arctic White, Glistening Grey and Midnight Black colours.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Maruti expects to sell 18k units of new Swift every month

August 17th witnessed the launch of much awaited New Swift in Indian car market. Even a huge hype grossed by the highly expected hatchback to make a new say in the hatchback sector of the cars. Mr Mayank Pareek, the managing executive officer of marketing, Maruti Suzuki India, discussing on the new Maruti Swift achievement, said that the approaching festival season in the month of September is possibly going to encourage the new Swift sales, though with the known fact that there are negative aspects such as huge interest amounts and the fuel prices that they need to cut. Mayank Pareek also added that the company is studded with bookings former to its launch that reached 50k, which is pushing ahead the waiting time for the vehicles to five to six months. The Maruti Suzuki India is according to the grapevine coming across hurdles like the supply got limited because of its crushing demand. However, the car manufacturers have it in mind to rise up its production aptitude based on the requirement. On the other hand, the new Maruti Swift price is marked in the range of Rs 4.22 lakhs to Rs 6.38 lakhs. The new Swift price has been increased by merelyRs 13,000 than its older model.

New Maruti Swift

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The Maruti Suzuki India, which had till now achieved selling out 10 thousand to 12 thousand units of the older Maruti Swift, now focus to generate almost 18 thousand units sale of the all new Maruti Swift. The Maruti Suzuki India is thought to spend Rs 550 crores in manufacturing the new Maruti Swift on a latest stage. The new Maruti Swift is described to have faced around 140 changes that involve modifications in new lamps, bumpers, interiors and engine, a step forward from the Maruti Suzuki engineering team consisting of hundred engineers underneath the direction of the Suzuki’s research and development department.

New Maruti Swift

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The Maruti Suzuki India asserts to have sold over 60 thousand units since its launch in the year 2005. The fuel efficiency of the new Maruti Swift is also advanced for giving 18.9 km per liter in the petrol version and 22.9 km per liter in case of the diesel version. The new Maruti Swift is known to prove to be a hard competitor for Hyundai i20 and Volkswagen Polo in the Indian car market. Mr I.V. Rao, Managing Executive Officer of Engineering department of Maruti India said that Maruti India is at the moment involved in conversations with its engine partner, Fiat to spring out bigger and the smaller engines to add to its present 1.3 liter engine, to be organized in their broad variety of vehicles.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Maruti Swift price in India

Maruti Suzuki the renowned car manufacturer company in India launched its most attractive sporty look four wheeler, the all new Swift. The new Maruti Swiftbrings out great in class quickening, big control to measure ratio and the highly developed fuel efficiency. With approximately one hundred and fourty new features, many for the first time ever in an entry level model, the new Maruti Swift is in full swing to revitalize high-quality compact car sector, a segment that Swift has developed itself. Manufactured on an all new plinth, the new Maruti Swift is superior and wider than its portent.

New Maruti Swift

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The new Maruti Swift price for the petrol options is noted below. The new Maruti Swift LXi price will be tagged at Rs. 4.22 lakh, new Maruti Swift VXi will cost around Rs. 4.76 lakh and the new Maruti Swift ZXi cost just Rs 5.53 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The Maruti Swift price for the diesel options start at Rs. 5.17 lakh for the new Maruti Swift LDi, on the other side the Maruti Swift VDi will crown with the price tag of Rs. 5.61 lakh and Maruti Swift price for the ZDi variant will cost at Rs6.38 lakh (ex showroom Delhi).

New Maruti Swift

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The other buzz floating around is that the new Maruti Swift has been launched in Mumbai. The petrol and diesel price for the new Maruti Swift is mentioned below- Lets have a look at the Mumbai petrol prices for Maruti Swift LXi i.e. tagged around Rs. 4.50 laks, Maruti Swift VXi cost at Rs. 4.91 lakhs, Maruti Swift ZXi will price at Rs. 5.78 lakhs. However, the diesel Mumbai price Maruti Swift LDi will be obtainable around Rs. 5.36 lakhs, Maruti Swift VDi will price Rs. 5.81 lakhs and Maruti Swift ZDi will price Rs. 6.62 lakhs.

New Maruti Swift

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It has been observed that after the launch of Maruti Swift in Mumbai, and with awesome features and the new Swift price the booking reached uptil 40 thousand mark. And if the same thing is seen in coming days as well, then it is sure that the new Maruti Swift will leave far behind the Wagon R. The new Maruti Swift price is great value for money. The new maruti Swift will grace the Indian car market in Blazing red, glistening grey, torque blue, silky silver, arctic white and midnight black colours.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Maruti Swift launched in India

Maruti Suzuki India has finally launched their new angel from their cradle of wonders. The all new Maruti Swift has been launched today in New Delhi at the Brand Center, Maruti Suzuki Corporate Office situated by the Nelson Mandela Road. The new Maruti Swift is one of the most anticipated car this year which acquired approximately 40,000 pre- launch bookings. New Maruti Swift price is kept around Rs. 4.22 lakh to Rs. 6.38 lakh depending upon the variant. The speculations about the new Maruti Swift price is over now as the announcement of the the real price has been made during the launch. New Maruti Swift price starts from Rs. 4.22 lakh for its low end variant and goes upto Rs. 6.38 lakh for its high end variant.

New Maruti Swift

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The all new Maruti Swift will come with a choice of six variants. Three of which is petrol variants and the rest three are diesel variants. Maruti Swift LDi which is available in Rs. 5.17 lakh and Maruti Swift LXi which is tagged at Rs. 4.22 lakh are the low end models of diesel and petrol variants respectively. New Maruti Swift VXi, a middle range petrol variant is priced at Rs4.76 lakh and the new Maruti Swift VDi, another middle range diesel variant is tagged at Rs 5.61 lakh. The two high end petrol and diesel variants, new Maruti Swift ZXi and new Maruti Swift ZDi models are priced at Rs. 5.53 lakh and Rs. 6.38 lakh respectively.

New Maruti Swift

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New Maruti Swift specifications
shows that the diesel variants are equipped with 1.3 litre DDiS diesel engine which will return a maximum power of 75 PS and 19.2 kg torque with mileage of upto 18.7 Kmpl. The petrol variants are powered with 1.2 liter petrol engine throwing a maximum power of 87 PS of and 11.5 kg torque with mileage upto 22.9kmpl. Fuel efficiency is high on row as an attempt to put increment of upto 4 percent in petrol and 6 per cent in diesel variants is worked upon. New Maruti Swift reviews tells that Maruti Suzuki India and related firms invested more than Rs. 550 crore to enhance the new Maruti Swift with more sporty and trendy look. The localization of 95 per cent is returned by the new Maruti Swift. This new hatchback is lengthier and lighter than the older model and it will have a plastic fuel tank which reduces most of the weight.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Maruti Swift Specifications

The countdown has began now as tomorrow Maruti India will launch its new Maruti Swift in the Indian Auto Market. This all new hatchback has already created a lot of hype before its launch and crossed a mammoth figure of 40000 pre launch bookings. Now Maruti India has revealed all the information about new Maruti Swift specifications.

New Maruti Swift

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As per the reports new Maruti Swift will be available in 6 variants Viz: Maruti Swift LDi, Maruti Swift ZDi, Maruti Swift VXi, Maruti Swift ZXi, Maruti Swift LXi, and Maruti Swift VDi. Talking about the technicalities details the all new Maruti Swift will come up with both 1.2 litre of petrol engine and 1.3 litre of DDSi diesel engine. With the usage of these engines Maruti India claims it to be the highly fuel efficient car. As per company this new hatchback will offer a decent mileage of 18.7 Kmpl with its petrol engine and 22.9 Kmpl with its diesel engine.

New Maruti Swift

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As far as price is concerned it is expected that new Maruti Swift price will fall in the range of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh. The new Maruti Swift petrol is likely to posses the capacity of generating power of 87 PS and churns out the peak torque of 11.5 Nm. Where as the diesel variant is capable of producing maximum power of of 72 PS and the peak torque of 19.2 Nm. In addition to this the new hatchback will come up with a new stylish and chic design which provide more elegant looks to its exterior. This new refreshed model of Swift 2011 has got more length and width as compared to its older sibling. Along with this the all new Maruti Swift interiors are very impressive with increased legroom. The 15 inch of alloy wheels further adds more grace to this new hatchback.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Maruti Swift teasers

Maruti Swift is the new car to be launched by Maruti Suzuki India. As per our sources, Maruti India is going to launch new Maruti Swift on 17 August 2011. Maruti India has produced teasers which includes videos which are played only for 6-7 seconds. These videos demonstrate few external and internal parts of the car. The videos on the Maruti Swift website has been posted on social networking website. These videos act as a catalyst to the popularity of new Swift 2011. Sources say that the new Maruti Swift has gained 1.28 lakhs fans as per the reports from a social networking website. If the reports are true than it can be said that Maruti Swift page has become the strongest fan page for an automobile company. All this research shows that Maruti Swift is gaining a lot of attention before its launch. Maruti India has already dominated the Indian car market with the the previous version of Maruti Swift and sources say that the the launch of new Maruti Swift will continue the dominance.

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At the end of the video, a tag line is displayed which shows that bookings for the car is open. Before its launch, a rumor has aroused that new 2011 Swift has already got 40000 bookings. This shows that Maruti Swift is an impressive car that is attracting customers towards it. The new Maruti Swift is being launched with exciting features. As per our sources, the new Maruti Swift price is expected around Rs. 6 lakhs.

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The new Maruti Swift specifications reveal that the car has 15 inch alloy wheels, the security system includes EBD and ABS technology, auto AC, driver's seat is height adjustable, There are two airbags and many more features. The new Swift 2011 will available in petrol and diesel variants. The diesel variant will have an engine of 1248cc which can produce a power of 75 PS. The petrol variant will have an engine of 1197cc which will produce a power of 87 PS. Reports say that the diesel version will give an average of 229.8kmpl whereas petrol engine will give an average of 18.6 kmpl.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maruti to develop new 800cc car

The latest news revealed by the Managing Executive Officer IV Rao it has been made clear that Maruti Suzuki India is insistently functioning on an all-new car, as Maruti's engineers go on board on an sovereign full-model change ability, something not put to effort prior to. IV Rao, who initially denied to assert anything about the pricing of the new vehicle, told the entire strategy was to generate a four wheeler that would co-exist with the Alto, which is the country's biggest-selling car with monthly degrees with the total figure over 30 thousand units. The officer injected down implications that the new car would be a advanced model that can be able to revitalize the M800 model that has already made its path out of total thirteen top metropolitan cities and will be staged out slowly from the remaining countries in the coming years.

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Rao further added that this new 800cc car model is based on an current podium. The plan is to do it internal at Maruti India, with nominal hold up from their Japanese parent, Suzuki. He explained the matter stating that Maruti engineers have done excellent work on some of the present models earlier whereas also supporting Suzuki during the growth of some worldwide models like the Swift and the A-Star. The new Maruti 800cc car will be destined first and foremost for the Indian car market and the plan of bringing the model into existence was to continuously commencing new models whereas, on the other side also developing the company's R and D ability to generate, devise and engineer a model on its own.

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Not just that, IV Rao also mentioned that the firm at the same time also wished to fill the crack created by the phase-out of the M800. He said that this will be surely a turning point for all of them. According to the sources it has been stated that the model may survive with the Alto and they altogether want to have a two-model line of attack at the entry-end of the bazaar, like they have on the higher section where the company have a multi-model move with cars namely Ritz, Swift and WagonR inclined around the same price bar.

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Swift sneaked during its ad shoot

The new Maruti Swift which is going to come to India this year has by now generating gesticulate in the Indian car market even before its launch. The first-rate hatchback is now ready to regulate the small car segment with its magic again , the car is coming to coax the Indian buyers on August 17th. While reading new Maruti Swift review, one shouldn’t forget that the unparalleled feedback the hatchback has gathered so far, people nowadays couldn’t have enough money to miss a opportunity of even receiving a view of it. The new Maruti Swift launch is desired to be a big success just like its innovative model, Maruti Swift. Lately, it was reported that the new Maruti Swift was trapped in Bangalore during an ad campaign shoot.

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The new Maruti Swift specifications have already been exposed in the unwrap. And even before the launch, the new Maruti Swift 2011 has mantained to get 40 thousand bookings, which is definitely extraordinary. The manufacture of the car has already been improved. Once this new hatchback will make public appearance, it would definitely help increase in sales models of Maruti in India. The arrested gaze of new Maruti Swift launch and new Maruti Swift features were eye-catching, but with a tiny scratch on the windshield which is a bit devastated, which might be grounded at some stage in the shoot.

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According to the reports it has been stated that the advertisement shoots has already been accomplished and at the moment Maruti India will soon come out with the ad campaign. The most important highlights of the new Maruti Swift 2011, which will give Maruti India’s competitors a jog for their currency embrace in modish design, diesel motor,excellent mileage and flawless internal design. The new Maruti Swift features will surely benefit the buyers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Maruti Swift gets 38,000 bookings

Maruti India, a pioneer of car manufacturing in India toasts the glory prior to the launch of its premium hatchback known as Maruti Swift. The new Maruti Swift is the most popular hatchback in India and has achieved a surprising booking figure of 38,000 till now prior to its launch. With this overwhelming response Maruit India is looking to set all new records as this is the first time when any car crossed such huge figure of pre launch bookings. The new Maruti Swift is likely to launch on 17th August 2011. Commenting on this overwhelming response managing executive officer (marketing and sales), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL), said that the company is astonished by the overwhelming response of its new Maruti Swift 2011. Furthermore he added that the response received so far is exceptional looking the fact that company has not unveiled any information about the new Maruti Swift price.

New Maruti Swift
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In the last financial year the Japanese auto biggie Toyota had set the record of 12,000 pre launch bookings, however the company has disclosed the price and specification details before the car connoisseur. As far as new Maruti Swift features are concerned this new 2011 Swift is much more spacious and longer as compared to the existing model. Along with this the new Swift also features a plastic fuel tank which make new Maruti Swift more economical.

New Maruti Swift
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Since after the launch Maruti Swift it boost up the sales of Maruti India and it seems that the trend continues with this upgraded model too. At present Maruti India holds the 48% stake in the hatchback segment and according to the experts company will rev up it up to 53% with the launch of its new Maruti Swift launch. Currently, out of 48% Maruti Swift holds 24% share of the premium hatchback segment. Whereas Hyundai i20 has a stake of 15% and Ford Figo holds 12% of share only.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Maruti 800 launch on the cards

For all those car enthusiasts who were disappointed with decision of Maruti India stopping the production of the most admired car Maruti 800, need not have to lose their heart. Ruling the hearts of millions of Indians for almost 28 years, there are rumours that Maruti India Limited is soon going to come up with the new incarnation of Maruti 800 again to capture the crown of supremacy in the hatchback segment of cars in Indian market. The rumours reveal that New Maruti 800 is designed on the pattern followed in production of Maruti Alto. However, the New Maruti 800 will be priced less than Rs.40,000/- as compared to Martu Alto.

Powered with the same powerful 796cc three cylinder engine as equipped in Maruti Alto, the New Maruti Alto is expected to be amended with latest technical features to meet the necessary current emission measures. It is also expected that the interiors of the New Maruti 800 will provide wide space to the passengers as compared to erstwhile model of Maruti 800. Coming towards the price of New Maruti 800 it is expected to be priced below 2 lakh rupees with an objective of giving tough competition to Tata Nano which at present is considered as an easily affordable car for every low salaried household. Besides Tata Nano, another car which is expected to give tough competition to New Maruti 800 in the same segment will be Hyundai H800 which is supposed to make its debut in Indian car market during November this year.

Hyundai H800 is considered as the substitute of Hyundai Santro Xing carrying the physical design similar to Hyundai i10. Hyundai H800 is expected to priced with price tag ranging between Rs. 2.32 lakhs to Rs. 3.30 lakhs.
With coming of New Maruti 800 back into the market it would be interested to see whether it succeeds to create the same magic of its erstwhile model or get over shadowed by the personality of other cars in its segment.

New Maruti Swift launch slated on August 17th

Maruti India is getting huge attention by the rest of the companies because of the introduction of another refreshed model. Maruti is all set to introduce its New Maruti Swift on the 17th of August of this year with all updated facilities. New Maruti Swift Price in India is expected to start from Rs. 6.8 lakhs and this model is coming with different variants and the price also may be differ depending up the model. Advanced bookings are also flooding for this car and most of the Indian car lovers are eagerly waiting for the launch of this car. The company is confident on this model surely going to become another successful car which the Maruti India includes its great success cars Maruti 800, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti Alto, Maruti SX4 and Maruti zen Estilo.

New Maruti Swift Features excellent and the company put all its efforts to improve and to add superior facilities for this car to remain great extent. This updated car is coming with different colors like white, silver, glistening grey, torque blue and blazing red with attractive graphics on the body. Maruti Swift Review is posted on internet. High effective head lamps with fog lights on the same colored bumper with impressive logo on the front will give rich look from the face view. Superior ground clearance and perfect wheel base are the apt for the bumpy roads. The strong body and powerful breaking, suspension gives faith and safety to the users. Coming to the interiors spacious leg rest on both rows and luxurious seats with surround air condition creates peaceful atmosphere on board. The power steering is integrated with functional operative keys to control functions. Dash board is molded with audio system and speedometer, tech meter. The engine is packed with good pickup and gives exceptional mileage of 21.5 km per liter on petrol variant and more than 25.8 km per liter on diesel variant.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Maruti Wagon R Freedom & Freedom+, new special edition cars by Maruti India

Maruti India is one of the most prominent and eminent car manufacturer of the country. Maruti India has a fondness of delivering a special and limited edition variants of its cars. In this line Maruti Suzuki has introduced a new range of cars in the Wagon R series viz: Wagon R Freedom and Wagon R Freedom . This new range of cars by Maruti Suzuki will be available in two variants mainly Wagon R LXi and Wagon R VXi. The main features of both these models are its accessories, which can be fitted by the company and customer as well from outside.

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Talking about the interiors new Maruti Wagon R Freedom features a Car Care Kit for the safety of the passengers, Neck support pillow and Seat Belt Cushion for the comfort of customers. In addition to this other features include a MP3 player with USB, Front 6'' round speakers, Sun Film and Mud Flaps. Whereas the Blue Tooth hands free kit and Rear Spoiler are Maruti Wagon R Freedom features which are not available in freedom variant. Along with this Freedom also features same safety features like a Car Care Tool Kit. In addition to this Neck Support with Pillow, Seat Belt Cushion and Art Leather Seat Covers are added to provide more comfort to the buyers.

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On considering the price details of the car the Maruti Wagon R price for its LXi version is Rs 4.25 lakh, for LXi version it is Rs 4.54 lakh and the price of its VXi version with ABS-airbag costs Rs 4.90 lakh (on road prices, Mumbai). Earlier Maruti India was planning to give discounts on its car but now with this new edition launch Maruti India is offering the accessories of around Rs 19,000 to the customers instead of discount. However, on the purchase of this limited edition the customers saves upto Rs 19,000.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Maruti halts production of old Swift

As per latest reports it is expected that Maruti India is planning to kiss goodbye to the old Maruti Swift. Maruti India, a leading car manufacturing company had already announced that Maruti will launch a new upgraded version of Maruti Swift soon in the Indian market. Not only the manufacturing even the dealers of Maruti India had stopped taking bookings of the old Maruti Swift. It is speculated that this new Maruti Swift launch will be scheduled in the month of August. Maruti India dealers has already commenced the bookings of new Maruti Swift which will lead to elongate the waiting period of this new model of Maruti India.

Maruti Swift
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If Maruti India would not halt manufacturing the old Maruti Swift than it would have given an easy chance to price this advanced model a bit high than its previous one which will surely offers the buyers with an option to buy Maruti Swift depending on their pockets. But it doesn't seems to be the part of Maruti India strategy as company doen't want to separate the Maruti Swift in two sections. Maruti will launch this new model in 6 variant which includes the Zdi variant. With the launch of all six models Maruti will give tough competition to other premium hatchbacks like Hyundai i10, Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Etios Liva, Ford Figo and etc. Apart from these existing brands Maruti Swift has also face a tough competition from Honda Brio and Chevrolet Beat Diesel which are going to be launched soon in the Indian market.

Maruti Swift
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Previously, Maruti Swift petrol had done a great business in the Indian market and managed to hold the position among the top five most selling hatchback. Now the company is expecting the same story of success with its diesel variant. Maruti India includes a wide range of cars under its portfolio like Maruti Swift Dezire, Maruti Alto, Maruti A-Star, Maruti Gypsy, Maruti Ritz, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti Kizaski, Maruti SX4 and Maruti Zen Estilo.

New Maruti Swift likely to launch on August 17

Maruti Swift is the most popular hatchback car of Maruti Suzuki in India. Maruti India is all set to launch the upgraded version of it. And it is expected that Maruti India will be launched on 17th August 2011. This New Maruti Swift is gaining lot of attention these days and the bookings for this new Maruti Swift 2011 are already commenced with a waiting period of 3 months. Speculations are there that this modified version will surely maintain the success of its predecessor as company has put lot of efforts to add advanced features in it. Furthermore, with this new Maruti Swift launch Maruti India is expected to continue to hold the chair of royalty as the best selling car in India.

New Maruti SwiftSee More New Maruti Swift Pictures Read More on New Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift 2011 will be made available in both petrol and diesel variant. The petrol variant will come composed of a 1.2 litre petrol engine which will generate the peak power of 89.6 bhp. With the use of this engine this petrol variant will deliver a decent mileage of 21.5 Kmpl. Whereas diesel variant will composed of a 1.3 multi jet diesel engine which will churns out maximum power of 80 bhp and offers the mileage of 25.8 Kmpl. As per the new Maruti Swift review it is the most fuel efficient car in the hatchback car segment. Maruti Swift features adjoin with a back wiper washer demister, push button start, Aux and USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, climate control and audio controls mounted on steering wheel in all variants of new Maruti swift excluding Maruti Swift ZXi and Maruti Swift Zdi. It is expected that New Maruti Swift Price will be Rs 30,000 more than its old variants except for Maruti ZXi and ZDi model which costs Rs 7.6 lakh and 6.8 lakh respectively.

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Maruti India is also offering the Maruti car buyers to convert their old bookings of maruti Swift with new Maruti Swift. Other than Maruti Swift Maruti Alto. Maruti 800, Maruti Zen Estilo, Maruti Wagon R and Maruti SX4 are other successful models of Maruti India.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Maruti Swift to offer whopping mileage

Maruti is the largest car manufacturing company in India. The company introduced plenty of model cars in to the market and got good feed back from the customers. Maruti India tightened its belt to give much competition for rest of the companies with its new bread engines on all the segments. New Maruti Swift is coming by remodel its old version and upgraded with performance and appearance. Maruti Swift Launch will occur in the month of August. 2011 Swift is coming with high expectations and ready to hit the auto market as well as the roads. Maruti Swift Price in India is expecting Rs.4,32,431.

New Maruti Swift
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The Maruti is holding more than 45% of share in India with its vide range of model cars. The company is planning to increase the sales percentage with its innovative technologies which are upgrading in its engines. The small car business is improving very hugely in India because of the petrol rates only. The hatchback cars will give superior mileage and is very convenient to handle. Most of the customers will prefer small cars which can easily move in the heavy traffics and small streets. Maruti Swift is packed with advanced powerful 1.3 liter engine with super smooth manual transmission gear box. The car can deliver its maximum power and torque at the normal rpms.

New Maruti Swift
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The exteriors are well designed and the head lamps with good focus along with the fog lights which will give additional view in the night drives. High capacity fuel tank in plastic is available on this car. The interiors are well designed and comfortable seating will give homely feeling for the user. The dash board is upgraded with all the advanced technologies and the advanced audio system is very convenient for the driver. New Maruti Swift pictures and reviews are presented on the internet and attracting the car lovers.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Maruti Swift Launch Slated For August

Many types of good automobile brands are landing into the Indian auto market and with this tough competition in the Indian auto market, the all new version of the Maruti Swift is ready to be launched in the coming month of August. The car is a superb model and is a unique masterpiece that is fully designed with perfect technology. The Maruti Swift price is to be around Rs. 6lakhs. There are various types of impressive features in the car that will definitely rob the heart of the Indian car lovers. The Maruti Swift reviews are present on the internet and can be collected from there.
Maruti Swift

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Maruti Swift is having superb features. The car is having good and inspiring design which is eye catching. Various options are present in the model. The new version of the Maruti Swift is updated with many such features that were not present in the older one. The lean design of the car from the back is the most remarking one. Maruti Swift will be available in many good colors. Engine of the car is also superb. Mileage of the car is impressive than other cars.

Maruti Swift

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The Maruti Swift specifications involve the engine whose displacement is 1298cc and is of 4cylinders. The car will be available in petrol variant and the maximum torque generation capacity of the car engine is 113Nm at the rate of 4500rpm. Maximum power that can be produced by the engine is 87Bhp at the rate of 4000rpm. The AC of the car comes with climate control technique. Remote central locking facility is also there. Safety of the riders is ensured by the superb braking design that is enabled in the car. Suspension of the system is also the latest one and thus comfort level is also increased. Power steering of the car is a fabulous feature with which the experience of the car is enhanced.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Maruti Swift 1.3L 90 bhp petrol engine launch pushed further

Recently,in the Indian Automobile market a very disappointing news diffused from the Indian car maker giant Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. as the company has affected with a great loss because of strike at the Manesar facility. As per reports the strike of workers at Manesar unit of Maruti Suzuki's plant in Haryana has resulted in not only the revenue loss of company but also the production of Maruti also get racked and delivery of about 14000 units of car get affected.

Maruti Swift
Earlier an announcement has been made by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. that in the hatchback cars segment soon company will launch an upgraded version of its small car model Maruti Swift in the Indian car market by the month of August 2011. But now it seems that as the slap of workers strike, Maruti India is not able to meet the deadlines of Maruti Swift launch as Maruti will have to flatten the delay in supplies of already ordered cars due to this strike. As per sources Maruti Suzuki India had already put pressure on the workers and accelerated the production by 108 percent at Manesar Plant and now Maruti cannot bulldoze its worker more with extra working pressure in order to meet the announced launch date of new Maruti Swift.

Maruti Swift
Buzz are all around in the Indian automobile Industry about new Maruti Swift will affixed with more powerful and fuel efficient 1.3L petrol engine based on VVT-I technology and diesel version will be composed of a 1.3L diesel multijet engine. Due to this launch it is expected that Indian buyers have to wait more to enjoy their new Maruti Swift who are expecting to drive it in the month of August. In 2011, many small cars in India are about to launch like Toyota Etios Liva, Chevrolet Beat Diesel, Mahindra Xylo Mini and many more. With this launch small car segment looks as the most competitive car segment in India.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Maruti 800 soon to be seen on China roads

Maruti 800 was one of the most popular small cas in India and holds a big share in Indian car market before the arrival of Tata Nano. Earlier it was termed as the cheapest car, and was among the highest selling Maruti cars in the country but now Tata Nano is the most cheapest car of the country and had taken away the throne from Maruti 800. In India Maruti 800 has lost its face since after the launch of Tata Nano.

Maruti 800
However, after this downfall car manufacturing leader Maruti India set out with another car Maruti Alto with better features in comparision to Maruti 800 and became more popular than Maruti 800. A China based auto firm Jiangnan Auto decided to re-launch Maruti 800 and now rumors have come to an end as company confirmed that it will launch an advanced version mk2 Suzuki Alto at a price tag of RMB 17,800 which equals to 1,24,600 Indian Rupees. At present with this price tags Maruti Alto became the cheapest car in China. In India the price of Maruti 800 is Rs 1,95,000.

Maruti 800
In China Maruti 800 is called as Maruti Alto. Earlier four car manufacturing firms of China namely Jiang Nan, Sichuan Auto, Xi`an Tai and Chang`an Auto was producing this Maruti Alto in China but due to some reasons either all of them stop manufacturing this model or they shut down the shop. Now Jiang Nan Auto come forward and decided to re-frame and give a new life to Maruti 800. Modifications in the original model was carried out by Jiang Nan by keeping in mind the pollution norms of China. Looking these things it seems that Maruti 800 is on the way to become the Tata Nano the cheapest car of China.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maruti Zen Estilo crosses 2 lakh sales mark

Maruti Zen Estilo, after being honored as the favourite City Car for three successive years, 2008, 2009 and 2010 by Indonesian Youth Zen Estilo is christened as Karimun in the car market of Indonesia, has now become the symbol of reliability and durability from legendary car manufacturing company Maruti. Equipped with fuel economic and powerful K-10 engine Maruti Zen Estilo after recording an increase of 25.4 per sent in the sales during the last financial year is now going to achieve the milestone target of selling 2000,000 this month in the national market.

Discussing the reason behind the huge success of Maruti Zen Estilo , Mr. Shashank Srivastava, Chief General Manager, Marketing, of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said, Maruti Zen Estilo has been able to attract the buyers who penetrate on buying the stylish cars and this resulted an increase of 25 per sent growth during last financial year in the domestic market. However after strongly establishing itself in the local market, Maruti Zen Estilo has turned its eyes the South Asian markets and has recorded the sale of 16,900 units during the last financial year in the global market.

Expressing his happiness, Mr. Srivastava added, Maruti is delighted with the success Zen Estilo has marked in the South East Asian Market. He further added that this popularity sets the new standards for qualitative and excellent ‘cost of ownership’ which are praised by the customers of all segments. It would be interesting to mention that in India four out of five top best selling cars are manufactured by Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Besides this it is equally appreciated by the users in the markets South East Asian Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

While discussing the Maruti Zen Estilo Price, then there are three models at present running in Indian roads. Maruti Zen Estilo LX, Maruti Zen Estilo LXI and Maruti Zen Estilo VXI. The Maruti Zen Estilo Price for three models (ex-showroom price in Delhi) are Rs. 3,13,000/-, Rs. 3,41,000/- and 3,65,000/- respectively.

To celebrate the function of reaching milestone of 2000,000 units, Maruti is going to launch the limited edition of Maruti Zen Estilo Vogue in India. The impressive feature of this limited edition is that all the accessories including seat covers, floor mat and other will be labelled with the sticker of Vogue mark affixed on them.Congratulations to Maruti Zen Estilo on the remarkable achievement.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Maruti sales may dip due to strike at Manesar facility

Maruti India is going through hard time as it faces a downfall in the revenue due to the strike held at one of its manufacturing unit located at Manesar. The strike began on Saturday and and still its going on. In the mean time Management of Maruti Plant at Manesar plant has sensed that due to this strike revenue of Maruti India is strike badly as Maruti faces a delay in the delivery of the Maruti deisel cars in India. Because of this four day strike Maruti has registered a revenue loss of Rs 150 crore and a production loss of around 1900 units.

Maruti Swift
The Chairperson of Maruti Manesar plant, Harayana, RC Bhargava reported that if the strike continues it is possible that Maruti India's production would hit and which will cause in the a decrease in the sales and also the delivery of Maruti diesel cars in India get affected. In addition to this chairperson Bhargava said that dealers of Maruti in India have enough stock of petrol cars, but if the strike continues for a longer period then surely there would a shortage of diesel cars. It is worth to mention that Maruti's Manesar plant posses a capacity of producing 1200 units per day but because of this strike there is a loss of around 650 units per day mainly of diesel cars. The production loss has reached a mamoth figure of 1900 units during the period of four days of strike.

Maruti Wagon R
Maruti India is producing small hatchback cars like Maruti Swift, Maruti A-star. Apart from this Maruti also produce sedan cars like Maruti Swift Dzire and Maruti SX4 at its Manesar plant. Where as the cars like Maruti Alto, Maruti Wagon R and Maruti Zen Estilo are under the care of Gurgaon plant. Around 2000 workers of Maruti Manesar plant were on strike from Saturday. In the absence of reconciliation Maruti gave a pink slip to the 11 workers on Tuesday in hope to end the strike but it doesn't work and workers continued their strike. Meanwhile Maruti disagreed to to accept the demand of a new workers union at Manesar plant. Furthermore, the Haryana Labour department also states that Maruti have to retain the 11 workers which are terminated on Tuesday.

Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 Maruti Swift launch slated for August

Maruti is well recognized company with its name of Maruti Suzuki. This company launched various models with novel models in to the Indian auto market. The company is holding a huge amount of share in India. Maruti Suzuki is expecting to launch its upgraded model Maruti Swift in august. The company is annoying to present a good gift for the Indian customers on before the eve of independence festival. The company introduced many models to the Indian customers with its unique features. Maruti Suzuki is also ready to get underway another model Maruti Swift Dzire with various amendments. Maruti Swift price in India starts from Rs.4,31,816 to Rs 5,59,735(ex-showroom Chandigarh).

Maruti Swift Dzire

Maruti established countless small cars in India. The company is famous with its small car models in earlier days. Now the company is setting up to instigate its one more model Maruti Swift with striking looks in its features. Many ground breaking technologies are upgraded in its dash board and steering wheel. The wheel base and the breaking system of the car are perfect for the Indian bumpy roads. The head lamp and the logo in front view is the center of attraction for the Maruti Suzuki models. Maruti Swift Dzire 2011 is also ready to hit the Indian roads with its makeover in its facial appearance. Maruti Swift review is obtainable from the internet and receiving mammoth response from the customers.

Maruti Swift Dzire

Maruti Swift 2011 will be available in two variants both in petrol and Diesel. The engine of this model is packed with power and performance. The Swift Maruti is coming with 4 cylinders with 16 Valves. This engine can able to produce the maximum power of 85ps at 6000 rpm and the maximum torque of 113Nm at 4500rpm. The high speed manual transmission gear box is also embedded with this model.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maruti to open its new plant in Gujarat

Maruti Suzuki India's largest car manufacturing company is planning to start their new plant in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Maruti India is keen to set this new plant as soon as possible and has decided to park its manufacturing unit near Ahmedabad. As per the government sources sanand is the most conceivable site for car manufacturing. Maruti is planning to deliver around 25,000 cars anually from this manufacturing unit.

Maruti Swift

Two other big giant in car manufacturing like General Motors and Tata Motors already made Gujarat as their manufacturing house. They park their plant in Halol and sanand respectively. Maruti Suzuki have its manufacturing unit in Gurgaon and Manesar with a capacity of 1.2 units. Now Maruti's third unit which is about to start is fully concerned to the exports of New Maruti Swift,, Estilo and A-Star, which it currently exports to Europe and Africa from Mundra port. Over 1 lakh units are exported under the full fledged pre-dispatch inspection unit.

Due to direct road and rail link to mundra Sanand seems to be an ideal location. State industries department official said that Maruti has wrapped up a 500-acre plot next to the Tata Motors' Nano plant. There is some doubt on the ownership of the land but there is comment on this doubt by the spokesperson of Maruti Suzuki. When Tata Motors shifted it plant from West Bengal to to Gujarat they get some concession from government and now Maruti Suzuki also seeks to get that amount of concession.

Maruti Swift

Gujarat state chief secretary, AK Joti confirms that Maruti will surely park its manufacturing plant in the State. District officials of Ahmedabad said that they are trying their best to sort out the problems for Maruti to launch its unit in Ahmedabad district which is very close to sanand. In short the exact location where the Maruti is going to launch is yet under cover. Ford, an another car maker company and Peugeot as well as tractor manufacturer John Deere is planning and making research on the possibilities of setting up their unit in Gujarat. Right now they are using plants of Bombardier and Asia Motor Works. There are many other companies also who are planning to launch their unit in Gujarat.

Maruti Swift Dezire and Maruti Kizashi, are other two new models of Maruti in market. The new Maruti Swift Dezire Price is Rs 5,18,336, while Maruti Kizashi Price is Rs 17,12,000 . Maruti Swift Price is Rs 4,43,590 (Ex-showroom Mumbai)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maruti R3 expected to be launched by year end

At Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi Maruti Suzuki was brought to lights in a brief look of its new car Maruti R which is also known as multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). This year during the festive season it is expected that Maruti is going to launch its next generation Maruti R3 MPV. The company will pay attention on the customers of other cars like Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo which are in falls in the Maruti R3 segment as per company's senior official. In addition to it company make its presence as a Multi purpose Vehicle as it come up with a six-seater Maruti R3.

Maruti SX4

The design of this new Maruti R3 model is taken from its ancestor Maruti SX4 as per internal sources. The model so far produced after some renovation in its forerunner a new name will be given to it i.e Maruti R3. Speculations are made that the safety standard set by the developed markets are not fulfilled by the Maruti R3 but will meet the safety norms in later stage as per the requirements. As compare to the size of Toyota Innova the size of this new Maruti R3 is a bit small. Toyota has a capacity of 6-7 people to be seated.

Maruti Swift
Moreover, Speculations are their that new Maruti R3 compromised of a front wheel and it may be possible that the engine used in the car is either 1.2 loter K-series as same of engine used in Maruti Swift or a 1.6 liter VVT engine as same of Maruti SX4. It is expected that within 12- 18 months after the launch, Maruti India is planning to add two more variants, they are its LPG and CNG versions. It is pointless to talk about the release of the Maruti R3, if company is not going to release Maruti R3 by Diwali,Company's much awaited design Marvel will absolutely launch at the auto Expo 2012.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Maruti WagonR registers its name among the largest selling cars in India

Maruti is one of the leading automobile manufacturer in the Indian market and the company wants to leave a immortal mark in the luxury car segment. Maruti is trying its level best to achieve its goal, which is clearly figured out with the achievement of its well known car Maruti Wagon R. It is very appreciating to mentioning that Maruti India's popular hatchback sells has reached to milestone 10,000 lakh units. Wagon R has been launched in 1991 and it is proved the favorite car. Though many cars came in loop like Maruti Alto, Maruti 800 and Maruti Omni and many more but Maruti Wagon R has became the second highest selling Maruti car in the country with the excellent sales of about 15,000 units.

Maruti Wagon RAs per the company expectations Maruti Wagon R last year has helped in boosting the sales of the car in the country. It has been speculated that the new Maruti Wagon R undergo few cosmetic changes and upgradation and a good model change. The New revised Maruti Wagon R comes in India under a price tag Rs 3.36 lakh and Rs 4.24 lakh. The 998cc car will be available in in petrol, CNG and LPG variants. However, the petrol variant is the most selling but there is also an increase in the demand of CNG and LPG variants due to the consistent price rise since last year.

Maruti Wagon RFrom the close sources it has been speculated that in last financial year 2010-11 the company sold over 1.63 lakh units which is the one highest growth The company currently does not export this model. Notably, the company sold inspiring 5,902 units in the first year of the launch.

Maruti Wagon RThe car gave the tough competition to the sales of few cars Maruti Alto,Maruti 800,Maruti Omni,Chevrolet Beat,Ford Figo,Volkswagen Polo,Hyundai Santro,Hyundai i10.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 Swift voted the safest car In UK

Maruti, one of the leading company in the Indian auto industry and the company wants to leave a immortal mark in the luxury car segment. Maruti is trying its level best to achieve its goal, which is clearly figured out with the achievement of its most selling car model Maruti Swift has been tagged as the safest compact car in United Kingdom. It has been increased its zeal for new Maruti Swift edition 2011 in India.

Maruti Swift
The revised Swift is little longer, wider, higher than the previous Maruti Swift. As per the sources the new edition is expected to launch in India probably within next few month. Well, people get ready to hit by a all new Swift.

Chevrolet Beat
The company's plant is in Hungry and the company is planning to launch the new model in Europe. Well, when the car will launch in India, it will certainly give the tough competition to the similar segments like Chevrolet Aveo UVA, Nissan Micra, Hyumdai i20, Ford Figo, Chevrolet Beat.

Chevrolet Beat
The new Swift 2011 not only acclaimed as the safest car but also has received four-star rating based on the European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) norms.

Swift has robust structure and high impact resistance even then the car comes with a variety of safety features. The European version of the new Swift has Anti-lock braking system (ABS) to avoid locking of brakes, EBD, Brake Assist apart from airbags for passengers, curtain bags. The very attractive safety feature has been affixed in the New Swift that are seat belts come with pre-tensioners in order to ensure that the driver and passengers do not get hurt during an impact.

There are possibilities that similar safety features would be available in the Indian version of the new swift.