Friday, January 28, 2011

Maruti Suzuki to bring small cars from India to Japan

Maruti Suzuki is one of the ruling car manufacturers in auto market is being following the reverse route for its low cost cars. The small cars were launched in India nearly around 26 years back and still these are ruling as the market leader. As we all know that Maruti is an Indian company and Suzuki is an Japanese, they collaborated long time back and blast the auto Industry by launching excellent models including Maruti Alto, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti Swift, Maruti Ritz and many more.

Maruti AltoNow, the parent Japanese company Suzuki is taking these small cars back to Japan to test them on Japanese market with a purpose to avail low cost advantage. It has been speculated that the first model which is going to launch in the Japanese market will be Maruti A-star with the new strategies. After talking to the Managing Director of Maruti Suzuki, S Nakanishi it has been known that the company has been performed incredibly well in the global market and thus will test the launches in the Japan as well. He also added that japan has also follow the same emission norms which India do so, and which is also mandatory in Europe. That would makes it more eligible to enter the Japanese auto market.

Maruti Wagon RMaruti A star proved the major part of the company's exports. Maruti Wagon R is the market leader in Japan which stands with highest selling units since 2003 and from the total 8 lakh cars sold by the company most of them almost 25 percent were Maruti A-Star. The company is planning to come with more models soon.

Maruti SwiftThe Managing director also mentioned that various models of the company are very popular in the market of japan. He also wants that the way the company is giving the outstanding performance in Indian auto market, he is expecting the same story will be repeated in Japanese car market as well.

Maruti RitzNew cars to look forward to this year include Maruti Kizashi, Volvo S60, Nissan Sunny, Maruti Cervo, Hyundai Avante, Toyota Etios Liva and Honda Brio.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maruti Kizashi to launch on 2nd February

Maruti Suzuki one of the leading automobile manufacturer has officially declared that the company will launch its luxurious car on 2nd February on the Indian roads. It has been speculated that the Maruti Kizashi will come with the price tag of 16 lakh. Before launching this car Maruti tested themselves with its Baleno but it was not a success then Maruti came up with its SX4 which proved quite well in India. Maruti is increasing its hold in the automobile market by investing in the luxury sedan segment.

Maruti KizashiLast year Maruti Kizashi was featured in Delhi's auto expo show in January, there people gave the unexpected response they praised the car for its looks, technology and advanced features. The luxurious car will be shipped to India from the head auto company Suzuki from Japan as the completely built unit (CBU). It also been speculated that the company will start the production of its wow looking Maruti Kizashi in India but the decision will totally depends on the demand of the people for the wonderful car.

Maruti KizashiThe car comprises of 2.4 litre petrol engine which is capable of providing a top power of 185 hp with the maximum torque of 230 Nm. The car has been blessed with a six speed manual transmission. The magnificent car comes in two wheel drive and four wheel drive versions in the international auto markets, however in India it has been introduced in two wheel drive version only. The major competitors for Maruti Kizashi would be the established luxury sedans in the Indian auto market such as Toyota Corolla Altis, Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic.

Maruti KizashiThe indian domestic auto market has been highly forced on the looks of the cars not venturing in the luxury car segment. Maruti Suzuki India have the hold in the Indian cars segment which has brought a revolution in the car segment. Now, the launch of power wonder car it will help in eliminate the weakness of the company. Although the company doesn't proved good in the luxury car segment in the past but it has been speculated that the new Maruti Kizashi is here to change the destiny.

New cars to look forward to this year include Volvo S60, Nissan Sunny, Maruti Cervo, Hyundai Avante, Toyota Etios Liva and Honda Brio.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Live the moment' with Maruti Ritz

Maruti Suzuki is one of the best manufacturer of automobile in India and Maruti Ritz is the second offering in the highly competitive A2 segment of the company. Ritz is the very well going car of the year, it has been clocking encouraging sales of over 6000 units per month since it has been introducing in May 2009 and achieve the fastest one lakh sales ever in the segment.

Maruti RitzRitz's current campaign has been focusing on highlighting its positioning statement-Live the Moment from December 2010. The campaign 'Live the Moment' is aiming to bring the spirit of both car and the driver. The target buyers of Maruti Ritz are the today's young urban consumers who have a perfect balance of purpose and fun in their lives, they enjoy everything whatever they do. 'Live the Moment' is a concept of expressing the reality of enjoying all the moments if life, whether big or small.

Maruti RitzHowever, Maruti have established the foundation with the TV Commercial (TVC) through which all the moments captures where Maruti Ritz tries to create a strong emotional connect with the buyer. It would be a try to connecting people emotionally to the product, it will take the relationship to the next level. By doing this Maruti Suzuki has derived a huge activation exercise where people from different parts of country will be asked to share their moments and how they lived the moment, moments can be big or small, new or old, serious or whack. People would be allowed to share their moments on Twitter and facebook and various other social networks and see their moments as part of the live feed.

Maruti RitzThe interesting part is that everyone will be given an unique moment ID for the moment that he or she shares. People will vote for the best moment, there will be daily and weekly prizes for the best moment of the day or the week. People can also share their moments through emailing or by their social media contact. The best moment of the exercise will be judged by the highest number of votes. Whom so ever will be the winner will be awarded by the brand new Maruti Suzuki Ritz.

Maruti RitzThe Company is expecting a huge response through social media and Facebook fan recommendation. On the Face book fan page and Twitter Page daily updates, the contests will be made. If anyone wants the regular information of 'Live the Moment' Contest then they should visit these respective pages on the regular basis.

New cars to look forward to this year include Maruti Kizashi, Volvo S60, Nissan Sunny, Maruti Cervo, Hyundai Avante, Toyota Etios Liva and Honda Brio.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Maruti Suzuki car prices increased upto Rs. 8000

With increasing input costs pressures, the leading automobile manufacturer in India, Maruti Suzuki has increased its car prices of its vehicles upto Rs. 8,000. for all its models, except the newly launched hatchback, Maruti Alto K10. Commenting on the hike in prices by Maruti Suzuki, Mayank Pareek, managing executive officer(Marketing and Sales) stated that they have increased the car prices on 17 January ranging between 0.5 percent to 2.2 percent. Except Maruti Alto K10, the company would increase its prices of its entire model line up between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 8000.

Maruti Alto K10 LXIEarlier, the auto-major, Maruti Suzuki declared that they would increase the prices in January, 2011 due to rising input costs and maintaining the price level was unbearable for them. Mr. Pareek added that inflation has affected the production costs adversely, the price of natural rubber which used to be Rs. 100 per kg has gone up by Rs. 200 per kg. Copper prices have also increased by 12-15 percent and similarly prices of steel have also increased.

Maruti Alto K10 VXINot only Maruti many other automajors have increased their prices due to hike in production costs. Volkswagen has also increased its prices for Volkswagen Vento 2.9 percent with effect from 1st January this year. Mr. Neeraj Garg, the Member of Board of Director for Passenger Car Section for Volkswagen stated that the company was facing the issue of hike in production inputs and they have been trying to maintain the price level since long. Now, the conditions have become unbearable for Volkswagen, they have planned to increase the car prices for Volkswagen Vento by 2.9 percent.

Maruti Alto K10 LXIAlready the fuel prices are increasing rapidly and the hike in car prices by the major automotive brands would be a big worry for the car buyers. The consistingly increasing car prices might affect the growth rate of fastest growing automotive market. However, despite of increasing prices the two big automobile brands Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors would introduce Maruti Cervo and Tata Nano Hybrid this year in a nominal price range.

New cars to look forward to this year include Maruti Kizashi, Volvo S60, Nissan Sunny, Maruti Cervo, Hyundai Avante, Toyota Etios Liva and Honda Brio.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maruti Kizashi the next big thing on wheels coming on 2nd February.

Maruti Kizashi hitting the Indian shores on 2nd February, 2011, a premium sedan which will open new avenues for the market leader Maruti Suzuki India. The premium saloon will be imported in a completely build unit (CBU) from Japan the home ground of its parent company Suzuki.

Maruti KizashiThe all new sedan has set the stage and announced the war against the already entrenched names in the Indian auto markets such as Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Jetta. The sedan is originally priced at Rs 18 lakh but for the Indian auto market it may vary upto Rs 2 lakh.

Maruti KizashiMayank Pareek, the Managing Executive Officer in Maruti Suzuki India said that Maruti Kizashi is a brand new attempt from the Indian auto company. Maruti believes that the luxury car segment A4 and A5 will grow. Mr Pareek went on explaining that currently the market segment share is less but witnessing the growth in the economy it is expected to grow leaps and bounds. He also stated that in the coming 5 to 7 years time the given volume will increase and also to maintain the leadership in the Indian auto market, the company is keen to hit the bulls eye in the luxury car segment.

Maruti KizashiMaruti Suzuki India at present owns around 50 per cent of the share in India by rolling out 1.87 million cars in 2010.

If the auto industry experts are to be believed the A4 and A5 auto segment will grow more than 55,000 cars every year.

By bringing Maruti Kizashi the Indian auto company will be marking its entry in the luxury segment. It is being speculated that this new sedan is an answer to the critics who always questioned on the comfort and luxury features in Maruti cars. Maruti Kizashi is engineered with 2.4 litre petrol powertrain and will come in manual and automatic transmission options.

Maruti KizashiMr Pareek also said that the company with the launch of Maruti Kizashi it is not only looking forward at the increasing sales volume but also to understand the buyers needs in the luxury segment, so that the auto czars comes with better strategies for future.

Pareek concluded that the company holds as many as nine million Maruti car buyers. And many among them are keen on company's progress and continuously ask whats after Maruti SX4? Well this is a new option in the luxury segment the company is providing.

Maruti Kizashi
Well this is not the maiden attempt from the manufacturers to try its luck in the luxury segment even before Maruti SX4 which was launched in 2007, Maruti introduced a sedan Maruti Baleno in the Indian auto market but it couldn't fetch the success it has seen for its other cars.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maruti Alto is now world's No 1 small car

Maruti Suzuki Private Limited a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor corporation, Japan is India's one of India's strongest player in car industry, accounting for majority of domestic car market. Maruti offers 14 brands and over 150 variants, range of cars include Omni and Eeco international brands include Maruti Alto, Maruti Alto k10, Maruti A-star, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti Swift and Estilo, Maruti SX4 and Maruti Swift dzire. India's leading newspaper declared, Maruti Suzuki as India's most trusted brands in Automobile sector.

Maruti AltoFrom past eleven years Maruti Susuki has been awarded for it's highest recognition by the costumers, it ranked it highest in costumer service index study.

In India for the first time, the car manufacturer has won the award for selling the maximum number of small car in the calender year. Maruti Suzuki Alto is going ahead of VW Golf (Germany) Fiat Uno in terms of number of units sold in 2010.

Maruti AltoMarurti Suzuki managed to sell 3 lakh units of Maruti Alto, a 25% increase from last year's figure, this is the reason why Maruti launched Alto K10 in mid 2010.

After talking to the Executive officer of Maruti Susuki, Mr Rao it has been figured out that Maruti Alto K10 is the major reason behind the outstanding growth by the company in 2010.

Maruti AltoAlto was first launched in India in 2006 with the capacity of 800cc engine. Alto offers mileage of 14.6 kmpl in city and 18.9 kmpl on highways. In a new version of Alto, one can expect a mileage of 15 kmpl in city and 20.2 kmpl on highways.

Maruti AltoPopular Cars of this year that keep the competitors on their toes are Ford Figo, Maruti Swift, Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai i10 and Tata Nano.