Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maruti Kizashi to launch on 2nd February

Maruti Suzuki one of the leading automobile manufacturer has officially declared that the company will launch its luxurious car on 2nd February on the Indian roads. It has been speculated that the Maruti Kizashi will come with the price tag of 16 lakh. Before launching this car Maruti tested themselves with its Baleno but it was not a success then Maruti came up with its SX4 which proved quite well in India. Maruti is increasing its hold in the automobile market by investing in the luxury sedan segment.

Maruti KizashiLast year Maruti Kizashi was featured in Delhi's auto expo show in January, there people gave the unexpected response they praised the car for its looks, technology and advanced features. The luxurious car will be shipped to India from the head auto company Suzuki from Japan as the completely built unit (CBU). It also been speculated that the company will start the production of its wow looking Maruti Kizashi in India but the decision will totally depends on the demand of the people for the wonderful car.

Maruti KizashiThe car comprises of 2.4 litre petrol engine which is capable of providing a top power of 185 hp with the maximum torque of 230 Nm. The car has been blessed with a six speed manual transmission. The magnificent car comes in two wheel drive and four wheel drive versions in the international auto markets, however in India it has been introduced in two wheel drive version only. The major competitors for Maruti Kizashi would be the established luxury sedans in the Indian auto market such as Toyota Corolla Altis, Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic.

Maruti KizashiThe indian domestic auto market has been highly forced on the looks of the cars not venturing in the luxury car segment. Maruti Suzuki India have the hold in the Indian cars segment which has brought a revolution in the car segment. Now, the launch of power wonder car it will help in eliminate the weakness of the company. Although the company doesn't proved good in the luxury car segment in the past but it has been speculated that the new Maruti Kizashi is here to change the destiny.

New cars to look forward to this year include Volvo S60, Nissan Sunny, Maruti Cervo, Hyundai Avante, Toyota Etios Liva and Honda Brio.

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