Friday, June 17, 2011

Maruti 800 soon to be seen on China roads

Maruti 800 was one of the most popular small cas in India and holds a big share in Indian car market before the arrival of Tata Nano. Earlier it was termed as the cheapest car, and was among the highest selling Maruti cars in the country but now Tata Nano is the most cheapest car of the country and had taken away the throne from Maruti 800. In India Maruti 800 has lost its face since after the launch of Tata Nano.

Maruti 800
However, after this downfall car manufacturing leader Maruti India set out with another car Maruti Alto with better features in comparision to Maruti 800 and became more popular than Maruti 800. A China based auto firm Jiangnan Auto decided to re-launch Maruti 800 and now rumors have come to an end as company confirmed that it will launch an advanced version mk2 Suzuki Alto at a price tag of RMB 17,800 which equals to 1,24,600 Indian Rupees. At present with this price tags Maruti Alto became the cheapest car in China. In India the price of Maruti 800 is Rs 1,95,000.

Maruti 800
In China Maruti 800 is called as Maruti Alto. Earlier four car manufacturing firms of China namely Jiang Nan, Sichuan Auto, Xi`an Tai and Chang`an Auto was producing this Maruti Alto in China but due to some reasons either all of them stop manufacturing this model or they shut down the shop. Now Jiang Nan Auto come forward and decided to re-frame and give a new life to Maruti 800. Modifications in the original model was carried out by Jiang Nan by keeping in mind the pollution norms of China. Looking these things it seems that Maruti 800 is on the way to become the Tata Nano the cheapest car of China.

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