Friday, August 19, 2011

Maruti expects to sell 18k units of new Swift every month

August 17th witnessed the launch of much awaited New Swift in Indian car market. Even a huge hype grossed by the highly expected hatchback to make a new say in the hatchback sector of the cars. Mr Mayank Pareek, the managing executive officer of marketing, Maruti Suzuki India, discussing on the new Maruti Swift achievement, said that the approaching festival season in the month of September is possibly going to encourage the new Swift sales, though with the known fact that there are negative aspects such as huge interest amounts and the fuel prices that they need to cut. Mayank Pareek also added that the company is studded with bookings former to its launch that reached 50k, which is pushing ahead the waiting time for the vehicles to five to six months. The Maruti Suzuki India is according to the grapevine coming across hurdles like the supply got limited because of its crushing demand. However, the car manufacturers have it in mind to rise up its production aptitude based on the requirement. On the other hand, the new Maruti Swift price is marked in the range of Rs 4.22 lakhs to Rs 6.38 lakhs. The new Swift price has been increased by merelyRs 13,000 than its older model.

New Maruti Swift

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The Maruti Suzuki India, which had till now achieved selling out 10 thousand to 12 thousand units of the older Maruti Swift, now focus to generate almost 18 thousand units sale of the all new Maruti Swift. The Maruti Suzuki India is thought to spend Rs 550 crores in manufacturing the new Maruti Swift on a latest stage. The new Maruti Swift is described to have faced around 140 changes that involve modifications in new lamps, bumpers, interiors and engine, a step forward from the Maruti Suzuki engineering team consisting of hundred engineers underneath the direction of the Suzuki’s research and development department.

New Maruti Swift

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The Maruti Suzuki India asserts to have sold over 60 thousand units since its launch in the year 2005. The fuel efficiency of the new Maruti Swift is also advanced for giving 18.9 km per liter in the petrol version and 22.9 km per liter in case of the diesel version. The new Maruti Swift is known to prove to be a hard competitor for Hyundai i20 and Volkswagen Polo in the Indian car market. Mr I.V. Rao, Managing Executive Officer of Engineering department of Maruti India said that Maruti India is at the moment involved in conversations with its engine partner, Fiat to spring out bigger and the smaller engines to add to its present 1.3 liter engine, to be organized in their broad variety of vehicles.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Maruti Swift price in India

Maruti Suzuki the renowned car manufacturer company in India launched its most attractive sporty look four wheeler, the all new Swift. The new Maruti Swiftbrings out great in class quickening, big control to measure ratio and the highly developed fuel efficiency. With approximately one hundred and fourty new features, many for the first time ever in an entry level model, the new Maruti Swift is in full swing to revitalize high-quality compact car sector, a segment that Swift has developed itself. Manufactured on an all new plinth, the new Maruti Swift is superior and wider than its portent.

New Maruti Swift

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The new Maruti Swift price for the petrol options is noted below. The new Maruti Swift LXi price will be tagged at Rs. 4.22 lakh, new Maruti Swift VXi will cost around Rs. 4.76 lakh and the new Maruti Swift ZXi cost just Rs 5.53 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The Maruti Swift price for the diesel options start at Rs. 5.17 lakh for the new Maruti Swift LDi, on the other side the Maruti Swift VDi will crown with the price tag of Rs. 5.61 lakh and Maruti Swift price for the ZDi variant will cost at Rs6.38 lakh (ex showroom Delhi).

New Maruti Swift

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The other buzz floating around is that the new Maruti Swift has been launched in Mumbai. The petrol and diesel price for the new Maruti Swift is mentioned below- Lets have a look at the Mumbai petrol prices for Maruti Swift LXi i.e. tagged around Rs. 4.50 laks, Maruti Swift VXi cost at Rs. 4.91 lakhs, Maruti Swift ZXi will price at Rs. 5.78 lakhs. However, the diesel Mumbai price Maruti Swift LDi will be obtainable around Rs. 5.36 lakhs, Maruti Swift VDi will price Rs. 5.81 lakhs and Maruti Swift ZDi will price Rs. 6.62 lakhs.

New Maruti Swift

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It has been observed that after the launch of Maruti Swift in Mumbai, and with awesome features and the new Swift price the booking reached uptil 40 thousand mark. And if the same thing is seen in coming days as well, then it is sure that the new Maruti Swift will leave far behind the Wagon R. The new Maruti Swift price is great value for money. The new maruti Swift will grace the Indian car market in Blazing red, glistening grey, torque blue, silky silver, arctic white and midnight black colours.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Maruti Swift launched in India

Maruti Suzuki India has finally launched their new angel from their cradle of wonders. The all new Maruti Swift has been launched today in New Delhi at the Brand Center, Maruti Suzuki Corporate Office situated by the Nelson Mandela Road. The new Maruti Swift is one of the most anticipated car this year which acquired approximately 40,000 pre- launch bookings. New Maruti Swift price is kept around Rs. 4.22 lakh to Rs. 6.38 lakh depending upon the variant. The speculations about the new Maruti Swift price is over now as the announcement of the the real price has been made during the launch. New Maruti Swift price starts from Rs. 4.22 lakh for its low end variant and goes upto Rs. 6.38 lakh for its high end variant.

New Maruti Swift

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The all new Maruti Swift will come with a choice of six variants. Three of which is petrol variants and the rest three are diesel variants. Maruti Swift LDi which is available in Rs. 5.17 lakh and Maruti Swift LXi which is tagged at Rs. 4.22 lakh are the low end models of diesel and petrol variants respectively. New Maruti Swift VXi, a middle range petrol variant is priced at Rs4.76 lakh and the new Maruti Swift VDi, another middle range diesel variant is tagged at Rs 5.61 lakh. The two high end petrol and diesel variants, new Maruti Swift ZXi and new Maruti Swift ZDi models are priced at Rs. 5.53 lakh and Rs. 6.38 lakh respectively.

New Maruti Swift

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New Maruti Swift specifications
shows that the diesel variants are equipped with 1.3 litre DDiS diesel engine which will return a maximum power of 75 PS and 19.2 kg torque with mileage of upto 18.7 Kmpl. The petrol variants are powered with 1.2 liter petrol engine throwing a maximum power of 87 PS of and 11.5 kg torque with mileage upto 22.9kmpl. Fuel efficiency is high on row as an attempt to put increment of upto 4 percent in petrol and 6 per cent in diesel variants is worked upon. New Maruti Swift reviews tells that Maruti Suzuki India and related firms invested more than Rs. 550 crore to enhance the new Maruti Swift with more sporty and trendy look. The localization of 95 per cent is returned by the new Maruti Swift. This new hatchback is lengthier and lighter than the older model and it will have a plastic fuel tank which reduces most of the weight.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Maruti Swift Specifications

The countdown has began now as tomorrow Maruti India will launch its new Maruti Swift in the Indian Auto Market. This all new hatchback has already created a lot of hype before its launch and crossed a mammoth figure of 40000 pre launch bookings. Now Maruti India has revealed all the information about new Maruti Swift specifications.

New Maruti Swift

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As per the reports new Maruti Swift will be available in 6 variants Viz: Maruti Swift LDi, Maruti Swift ZDi, Maruti Swift VXi, Maruti Swift ZXi, Maruti Swift LXi, and Maruti Swift VDi. Talking about the technicalities details the all new Maruti Swift will come up with both 1.2 litre of petrol engine and 1.3 litre of DDSi diesel engine. With the usage of these engines Maruti India claims it to be the highly fuel efficient car. As per company this new hatchback will offer a decent mileage of 18.7 Kmpl with its petrol engine and 22.9 Kmpl with its diesel engine.

New Maruti Swift

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As far as price is concerned it is expected that new Maruti Swift price will fall in the range of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh. The new Maruti Swift petrol is likely to posses the capacity of generating power of 87 PS and churns out the peak torque of 11.5 Nm. Where as the diesel variant is capable of producing maximum power of of 72 PS and the peak torque of 19.2 Nm. In addition to this the new hatchback will come up with a new stylish and chic design which provide more elegant looks to its exterior. This new refreshed model of Swift 2011 has got more length and width as compared to its older sibling. Along with this the all new Maruti Swift interiors are very impressive with increased legroom. The 15 inch of alloy wheels further adds more grace to this new hatchback.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Maruti Swift teasers

Maruti Swift is the new car to be launched by Maruti Suzuki India. As per our sources, Maruti India is going to launch new Maruti Swift on 17 August 2011. Maruti India has produced teasers which includes videos which are played only for 6-7 seconds. These videos demonstrate few external and internal parts of the car. The videos on the Maruti Swift website has been posted on social networking website. These videos act as a catalyst to the popularity of new Swift 2011. Sources say that the new Maruti Swift has gained 1.28 lakhs fans as per the reports from a social networking website. If the reports are true than it can be said that Maruti Swift page has become the strongest fan page for an automobile company. All this research shows that Maruti Swift is gaining a lot of attention before its launch. Maruti India has already dominated the Indian car market with the the previous version of Maruti Swift and sources say that the the launch of new Maruti Swift will continue the dominance.

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At the end of the video, a tag line is displayed which shows that bookings for the car is open. Before its launch, a rumor has aroused that new 2011 Swift has already got 40000 bookings. This shows that Maruti Swift is an impressive car that is attracting customers towards it. The new Maruti Swift is being launched with exciting features. As per our sources, the new Maruti Swift price is expected around Rs. 6 lakhs.

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The new Maruti Swift specifications reveal that the car has 15 inch alloy wheels, the security system includes EBD and ABS technology, auto AC, driver's seat is height adjustable, There are two airbags and many more features. The new Swift 2011 will available in petrol and diesel variants. The diesel variant will have an engine of 1248cc which can produce a power of 75 PS. The petrol variant will have an engine of 1197cc which will produce a power of 87 PS. Reports say that the diesel version will give an average of 229.8kmpl whereas petrol engine will give an average of 18.6 kmpl.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maruti to develop new 800cc car

The latest news revealed by the Managing Executive Officer IV Rao it has been made clear that Maruti Suzuki India is insistently functioning on an all-new car, as Maruti's engineers go on board on an sovereign full-model change ability, something not put to effort prior to. IV Rao, who initially denied to assert anything about the pricing of the new vehicle, told the entire strategy was to generate a four wheeler that would co-exist with the Alto, which is the country's biggest-selling car with monthly degrees with the total figure over 30 thousand units. The officer injected down implications that the new car would be a advanced model that can be able to revitalize the M800 model that has already made its path out of total thirteen top metropolitan cities and will be staged out slowly from the remaining countries in the coming years.

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Rao further added that this new 800cc car model is based on an current podium. The plan is to do it internal at Maruti India, with nominal hold up from their Japanese parent, Suzuki. He explained the matter stating that Maruti engineers have done excellent work on some of the present models earlier whereas also supporting Suzuki during the growth of some worldwide models like the Swift and the A-Star. The new Maruti 800cc car will be destined first and foremost for the Indian car market and the plan of bringing the model into existence was to continuously commencing new models whereas, on the other side also developing the company's R and D ability to generate, devise and engineer a model on its own.

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Not just that, IV Rao also mentioned that the firm at the same time also wished to fill the crack created by the phase-out of the M800. He said that this will be surely a turning point for all of them. According to the sources it has been stated that the model may survive with the Alto and they altogether want to have a two-model line of attack at the entry-end of the bazaar, like they have on the higher section where the company have a multi-model move with cars namely Ritz, Swift and WagonR inclined around the same price bar.

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Swift sneaked during its ad shoot

The new Maruti Swift which is going to come to India this year has by now generating gesticulate in the Indian car market even before its launch. The first-rate hatchback is now ready to regulate the small car segment with its magic again , the car is coming to coax the Indian buyers on August 17th. While reading new Maruti Swift review, one shouldn’t forget that the unparalleled feedback the hatchback has gathered so far, people nowadays couldn’t have enough money to miss a opportunity of even receiving a view of it. The new Maruti Swift launch is desired to be a big success just like its innovative model, Maruti Swift. Lately, it was reported that the new Maruti Swift was trapped in Bangalore during an ad campaign shoot.

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The new Maruti Swift specifications have already been exposed in the unwrap. And even before the launch, the new Maruti Swift 2011 has mantained to get 40 thousand bookings, which is definitely extraordinary. The manufacture of the car has already been improved. Once this new hatchback will make public appearance, it would definitely help increase in sales models of Maruti in India. The arrested gaze of new Maruti Swift launch and new Maruti Swift features were eye-catching, but with a tiny scratch on the windshield which is a bit devastated, which might be grounded at some stage in the shoot.

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According to the reports it has been stated that the advertisement shoots has already been accomplished and at the moment Maruti India will soon come out with the ad campaign. The most important highlights of the new Maruti Swift 2011, which will give Maruti India’s competitors a jog for their currency embrace in modish design, diesel motor,excellent mileage and flawless internal design. The new Maruti Swift features will surely benefit the buyers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Maruti Swift gets 38,000 bookings

Maruti India, a pioneer of car manufacturing in India toasts the glory prior to the launch of its premium hatchback known as Maruti Swift. The new Maruti Swift is the most popular hatchback in India and has achieved a surprising booking figure of 38,000 till now prior to its launch. With this overwhelming response Maruit India is looking to set all new records as this is the first time when any car crossed such huge figure of pre launch bookings. The new Maruti Swift is likely to launch on 17th August 2011. Commenting on this overwhelming response managing executive officer (marketing and sales), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL), said that the company is astonished by the overwhelming response of its new Maruti Swift 2011. Furthermore he added that the response received so far is exceptional looking the fact that company has not unveiled any information about the new Maruti Swift price.

New Maruti Swift
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In the last financial year the Japanese auto biggie Toyota had set the record of 12,000 pre launch bookings, however the company has disclosed the price and specification details before the car connoisseur. As far as new Maruti Swift features are concerned this new 2011 Swift is much more spacious and longer as compared to the existing model. Along with this the new Swift also features a plastic fuel tank which make new Maruti Swift more economical.

New Maruti Swift
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Since after the launch Maruti Swift it boost up the sales of Maruti India and it seems that the trend continues with this upgraded model too. At present Maruti India holds the 48% stake in the hatchback segment and according to the experts company will rev up it up to 53% with the launch of its new Maruti Swift launch. Currently, out of 48% Maruti Swift holds 24% share of the premium hatchback segment. Whereas Hyundai i20 has a stake of 15% and Ford Figo holds 12% of share only.

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