Thursday, December 27, 2012

Open Forum Launched by CarDekho, the leading auto-portal of India, today brings yet another platform for the car-buffs of the country where they can question/answer/talk about/debate over/write about/read about/watch/discuss or do pretty much anything and everything that they have ever wanted to when it comes to the one passion in their lives – Cars., an all-new online forum from the makers of CarDekho that opens up an exciting, easy-to-cruise and devoid-of-nothing arena where car-lovers can come, initiate and join in query- and discussion-sessions and communicate with not only fellow enthusiasts like themselves but also with experts from the CarDekho panel and other recognized sources on the Web.

All a visitor has to do is register on the site, which is accomplished via a simple-enough set of steps, and start a thread for the discussion that they wish to begin. Once registered, the facebook profiles of users get linked with their accounts on the CarDekho Forum, and once that is done, the users can rest assured that any activity along a thread that they are joined with won't ever skip their notice as every update would be transferred to them through the 'All-knowing' facebook network. Car sessions on this open-to-all forum can vary over an expansive range of topics covering the latest models out in the market, the existing ones that are doing brilliantly well or those that are miserably failing to do so, troubles that keeping popping everyday with rides, car loan and insurance plan options that the market offers and the most promising deals amongst them, the best dealers in town and anything else that falls in the vicinity of a four-wheeled beauty on the move.

But, if you are not so crazy about cars as some of the die-hard fans but are interested in talking about matters concerning the other websites of the CarDekho group like BikeDekho, MobileDekho, PriceDekho or FutureDekho, you are more than welcome to go ahead and create an account. Titled as the 'Car'Dekho forum does not compel this platform dedicated to talks and conversations to let down those willing to communicate with other people on topics other than cars. And when we are talking about limits and restrictions, another thing that you need to know is that this forum does not stop even at the boundaries of this particular group of websites; it goes way beyond. Through the Off-topic section of the forum, visitors can delve into discussions that could be as far from these topics as is possible. Be it the dirty game of politics, the compulsorily favourite Indian sport of Cricket, the glittering world of fashion and cinema or the wildlife, for that matter, you are free to open a session whenever you feel like.

Hard-core car-fans ourselves, we understand that cars create a longing that cannot be satisfied by words alone and that's the reason why forum.cardekho envelops much more than sections dedicated to exchange of words. Here, on this website, visitors will find pictures coming straight from the industry, videos showing the most scintillating rides on the go, a special segment created for relaying the most thrilling happenings of motor-shows being held across the globe, expert reviews, user reviews, exclusive road tests that were penned down but not put up for display ever before and much more than that, keeping nothing away from those who take popular cars to the level of 'most popular' and spend the cash that transforms good sellers into best-sellers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maruti Alto 800 - bells and whistles

If you are looking for a decent, affordable and mileage efficient car then go for the all new Maruti Alto 800, which was launched recently in India. The car looks pretty decent with attractive body design that makes your heads turn. When it comes to the Maruti Alto 800 specifications, the car is associated with some drawbacks as well as advantages. It is equipped with just 0.8 liter engine with 796cc displacement, which is good enough for Alto 800. however, it has the ability to generate power of just about 47.3 Bhp of horse power at 6000 Rpm and 69 Nm of torque at 3500 Rpm, which is not-very-impressive. However, its mileage is very impressive because it has got the ability to give about 22 Kmpl with petrol fuel and about 30 Kmpl with CNG fuel option. This is something far better than any other car in the market. And moreover, it has got the best appearance compared to other hatchbacks in its price segment. All these reasons added to the advantage of Alto 800 in India and contributed for the huge success of the car in India.

Maruti Alto 800

As soon as Alto 800 entered the markets, it saw an overwhelming response like no other small car in the country. The company received the bookings over 40,000 in just about few days of its official launch. This is something unbelievable in the sales history of Maruti cars in India. Now the company is shipping over 30,000 units of Alto 800s and soon it will increase the production to meet the demand. This contributed for the rise of sales of the company in the present quarter. There is no doubt that the newly launched Alto 800 is one of the most popular Maruti Cars ever and its demand is peaking day by day. Maruti Alto 800 review of users suggests that the car has drawbacks but it is complete worth for money. If we just take a look at the new Maruti Alto 800 pictures, we can find the car has refreshing body design that turns the heads on the go. Now the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 price starts at just Rs. 2.47 lakh, which is very competitive. If you are concerned about the budget then opting to choose this small car will be the right choice but if you are interested in high end features, then this is not the right car. On the whole, it is a nice car for small families and individuals with a requirement of urban traveling and moreover, it is the most fuel efficient car in the segment.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Maruti Swift Dzire V/s Skoda Rapid

SUV cars are very much in demand with the young generation youth focusing on it and expected people liking these SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles). When the focus comes on Tata Cars, they have basically been the favorites among Indians and in 1998, the first home grown SUV known as Tata Safari was introduced in India. It was the first SUV which was designed, developed and manufactured in India. With the changing demands of people and the likes of people demanding new varieties Safari has gone through some changes which has kept its hopes pinned up but with increasing competition from competitors like Mahindra XUV500 and many other cars Safari looks aged once among all and to pull in this serious gradation Tata motors smart enough to catch all these up have introduced the second generation of Tata Safari known as Tata Safari Storme.

Maruti Swift Dzire

This was displayed first time at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 and was launched on 17th October, 2012 in Indian Automobile Market. With a great number of lucrative features, the Tata Safari Storme price for the base variant is INR 9.95 lakhs. So, SUV lovers and Safari lovers, the Storme is ready to sweep you off. The looks of the SUV are identical to the old Tats Safari. The pictures of Tata Safari Storme show the similarities between the old and new generation which may or may not be in its favor. The loyal customers of safari who have always liked the styling can be wooed with the basic design and not much is done with the designing and it’s kept very simple and basic. The shape and size of the car is not changed much. From far you can figure out that it’s a Safari. The interiors are newly designed which make the car look spacious. Storme is available in seven shades- Astem Black, Pearl White, Pearl Champagne, Sardinia Red, Arctic Silver and Arctic White.

Skoda Rapid

The looks are convincing and with these come the top notch features of Tata Safari Storme which comes with all new headlights, fog lights and tail lamps. There is a new front bumper and rear bumper with dual mass flywheel. For smoother gearshifts there is Aria type transmission. The handling is better compared to the other generation Safari. There are many safety features like SRS airbags, ESP, EBD, ABS and BA. There is improved HVAC system (expected to be a dual zone climate control system). SUV is available in 2WD and 4WD. The mileage is certified by ARIA and is 14kmpl for 4x2 version and 4x4 returns mileage of 13.2 kmpl.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Maruti Swift Dzire v/s Skoda Rapid- the winner?

From the well known German car manufacturer, Skoda Rapid. Skoda cars has recently launched the upgraded model of the car in the European market and it is expected that soon the upgraded version of the car  will be seen on Indian roads also. At present Skoda Rapid is available in 13 different models offering both petrol and diesel engine options. On the other side we are having Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire which is ruling the Indian compact sedan car market from quite some time. The stelling success of Maruti Swift Dzire is accredited to the immense trust that the Indian audience have in the brand Maruti cars. It is expected that as soon as new Skoda Rapid will enter the Indian car market it can prove to be a tough competitor of Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. Maruti Swift Dzire price ranges from 4.90 lakhs to 7.34 lakhs and Skoda Rapid price is tagged around 6.90 lakhs to 9.50 lakhs, here Swift Dzire wins the toss.

Maruti Swift Dzire

Now if we talk about the engine and performance of Skoda Rapid. Diesel variant of Skoda Rapid is equipped with 1.6 liter TDi engine which is capable enough to produce an outstanding power of 103.56bhp at the rate of 4400rpm with maximum torque of 250Nm @ 1500-2500rpm. Diesel engine of Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is blessed by 1.3 liter DOHC diesel engine with CRDi fuel injection system with decent power of 74bhp @ 4000rpm with peak torque of 190Nm at the rate of 2000rpm.

Skoda Rapid

If we take a look at the petrol engine of the cars then Skoda Rapid is having 1.6 liter MPI engine with decent power of 103.56bhp at the rate of 5250rpm and produces amazing torque of 153Nm @ 3800rpm. Where as Swift Dzire petrol engine is equipped with 1.2 liter K series engine producing an amazing power of 86bhp at the rate of 6000rpm with the peak torque of 114Nm @ 4000rpm. So if wome one wants better performance then he/she must go for Skoda Rapid. But if talk about mileage of Skoda Rapid diesel variant, car is offering around 16kmpl and Swift Dzire is offering an amazing mileage of 23.4kmpl. Which might be the another prominent reason for increased sales chart of Dzire as compared to Rapid, because India is the country where more majority of population looks for the car which offers better fuel economy. If we talk about the Exteriors of the cars then Swift Dzire is offering more elegant looks.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Maruti Suzuki launches Limited Edition A-Star Aktiv for a Limited Period

India's leading car maker Maruti cars has launched a special edition of its hatchback A-Star. Special edition of the car is available in two trims VXI and VXI A/T, although no change has been made by the company in engine of the car. Maruti A Star Aktiv model of the car has launched for the limited period of time. The all new A-Star Aktiv has been given a sporty look which makes it different from its previous models. A-Star is car which is basically targets the young car buyers. If we talk about Maruti A Star Akitv pictures then sporty look is given to car the car which makes it more attractive and make it look different from the the previous model. If we talk about Maruti A Star Aktiv price then car is available in the market at a premium of just Rs. 14,000.

Maruti A-Star Aktiv

All new Maruti A Star Aktiv features special body graphics which create eye catching effect, red colours wing mirrors, and fog lamp are also inserted even door frames of the car are black in colour , giving special looks to the car. Interiors of car are also upgraded by providing special seats, steering cover, special floor mats, with providing a key less entry.

Maruti A-Star Aktiv

If we talk about the previous A star then it is available in six different models all with petrol engines, heart of Maruti A Star is blessed with KB series 998cc engine petrol engine with 3 cylinder and 12 valve which is capable enough to produce the power of 66.08bhp at the rate of 6200rpm and with a peak torque of 90Nm @ 3500rpm. Car also comes with four speed automatic transmission gearbox where as other variantrs of the car comes with five speed manual transmission gearbox. Automatic transmission gearbox is designed for promising higher acceleration and performance other then this automatic transmission gearbox also makes car fuel efficient. As compared to manual transmission gearbox. Hatchback can run at a top speed of 125-140 kilometers per hour and reaches from 0-100 in just a time gap of 17.5 seconds. Hatchback exteriors are very well designed on the European styling ,the overall styling of car is muscular and aerodynamic. While designing the car safety features were also equally kept in mind by the designers of the car, A Star is equipped with latest breaking and suspension system with high ground clearance and good turning radius. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Maruti Suzuki Swift Vs the all new Chevrolet Sail hatchback

Arguably, India is one of the potential four wheeler markets in the world, especially in the hatchback segment. At present the demand for hatchback cars soaring since the recent past years and now many companies are coming with their new models by tagging them with attractive price tag. Recently, General Motors India has launched Chevrolet Sail hatchback in India in a total of seven variants with a starting price of just Rs. 4.44 lakh.

Maruti Swift

However, there is another hatchback car but from the house of Maruti cars that come at similar starting price. It is none other than Maruti Swift, which is probably one of the most successful cars for Maruti Suzuki India. There is a lot of similarity in between both these cars because of which makes it difficult for the customers to choose in between them. There is not much difference in terms of engine specifications, features, performance and mileage in between these cars. However, people should look at their needs in these cars, in terms of styling, inner space and few other features, which are very important.

Chevrolet Sail

If we just make a comparison in terms of engine, both the cars available with two engine options 1.2 liter petrol and 1.3 liter diesel, which would provide options to the customers. According to the details provided by both the companies both the cars are similar in terms of generating torque power and horse power. when it comes to the mileage efficiency, both the cars with petrol engine will managed to give 15.6 Kmpl of mileage in city conditions and 18.5 Kmpl in highway conditions, whereas diesel engine will give about 20 Kmpl of average mileage. When it comes to the pricing, Maruti Swift price is a little higher than the Chevrolet Sail price, which is something that you need to look. And moreover, the boot space offered by the Chevrolet Sail is about 243 liters, which is about 10 liters more than Swift. Of all Maruti cars in the hatchback segment, Swift is the most spacious and high performing but it lags behind Sail in terms of inner space.

Chevrolet Sail

When it comes to Chevrolet cars, its market is not as big as Maruti Suzuki in India but you can go for the Chevrolet Sail hatchback because it is the new model that has decent style, huge inner space, good performance and fuel efficiency. Moreover, it meets the Bharat Stage IV emission standards that add the advantage to the vehicle. Customers may not find much of difference in term of performance but they must look for the comforts, styling and inner space offered by these cars, which are utmost important. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800- Most Fuel Efficient Car in India

With the new Maruti Alto 800 launch, entire media is running before it to cover it and get the details of its specifications. So here are some of the astonishing features this sports cars. The vehicle is arriving in three models, named as the Standard, LX and top-end LXi. The features vary according to the model you choose. All the three models have the same 796cc three-cylinder engine under the hood, but with improved power and performance. The engine is reworked to give more power and better torque along with smoother riding. It takes the fuel economy of the car to the magical figure of 22.7kmpl with petrol and 30.46 with CNG cars fuel. Talking about other Maruti Alto 800 specifications, the car is arriving with quite many safety features such as driver’s airbag and better construction techniques.

Maruti Alto 800

The exterior of the car is just stunning, as it’s exhibited in Maruti Alto 800 pictures. The car sports some design cues from the previous model along with aging lines have now make way for much more modern curves. The new variant is 100mm smaller than the existing one but the wheelbase is same which will not let you feel about the reduced length. Alongside, the height and width of the car is increased to provide more shoulder and head room. The leg room is also increased with adjustable seats. New headlamps and tail lamps are installed into the vehicle along with new bumper and grill design. The plain Jane looks of the previous model is now replaced with character lines and creases. Overall, it’s a nice looking car standing on 12 inch tubeless tyres and having 4.6 meter of turning radius.

Maruti Alto 800

On the other hand, the interiors of the car are also improved to a significant level. The car has pretty much basic design with the colored and materials look better. The silver accents provided to the interiors give it more elegant look. The central console is adorned with a cup holder while the window switches are also moved to the central console. These are some of the features most cherished by the customers, as per a Maruti Alto 800 review. The company has invested around 500 crores to develop this car and it took 4 long years and efforts of 2000 engineers to get developed. The efforts can be easily browsed in the vehicle. Yet, the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 price in India doesn’t seem to make a hole in the pocket. The car is priced at Rs. 2.44 lakh for the standard model. On the other hand, the CNG variant of the car will cost additional 75,000. I shared that Maruti Suzuki cars goes expensive.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maruti Suzuki cars goes expensive

India’s well – known car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki India has finally decided to increase the Maruti car prices of its new variants by Rs. 5250. This decision was taken in order to prevent the sudden changes due to fluctuations in excise duty & also the increase of input costs. This was what stated by one of the Maruti Suzuki’s spokesperson in the last month newsflash this year that the company is certain with the decision of raising the prices of Maruti Cars which would vary between Rs 2500 and Rs 5250 for controlling the company’s margin from getting pressurized by the varying foreign exchange and hike in input prices. One of our sources tells that an average increase in the price of Maruti Suzuki cars will be around 1 percent. MSI is looking forward to deal with the situation by targeting to reduce its foreign exchange revelation by near about 65 % to $ 600 million by March 2015.

Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift is a stylish looking hatchback; the car is supposed to be the best selling product in the market under the brand name of MSI. The initial beginning of hatchback models in India was done in year 2005 but the genuine success of the company’s objective was finally realized with the forcible launch of a notchback model other than the hatchback in order to sustain the same image in the trade of sedan models also. Maruti Swift’s sedan model, Swift Dzire was unveiled to the market in the year 2008 and as anticipated Maruti Suzuki was yet again successful in the marketplace.

Maruti Swift

In the month of August last year the freshly launched variant of Maruti Swift certainly has more aggressive appearance all because of its muscular presence as compared to the former model. The reason for this difference is that the new model sports front facing giant headlamps together with different sphere-shaped fog lamps giving the car a look of being a premium hatchback in the segment. The rear - side of Maruti Swift has tail lamps that are cornered & attached to a suitable rear - spoiler; on the other side the finish portion of the back - side is amazing too. The other features include ORVMs fixed indicators & body colored door handles; furthermore the side portions now appear more eye-catching with its new blend of alloy wheels each of 15 - inch. The interiors of the car are expansive comprising from instrument panel dashboard to stylishly designed ‘waterfall design’ center console along with grander ergonomics. I shared that New Maruti Alto 800 all set to hit showrooms on 16th October.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Maruti Alto 800 All Set to Hit Showrooms on 16th October

India's very known brand, Maruti Suzuki (MSI) is heading to recover the missing lead in the small car segment with the launch of an entirely new form of its former best - selling model Alto. According to media news, the all new Alto 800 launch is to be made in the upcoming week on October 16 & is likely to be priced at around 2.5 - 3 lakh, making it to contend with the other variants Tata Nano and the Hyundai EON.

Maruti Alto 800

This step is being taken by the company to substitute the current Alto as MSI is trying to overcome tough market circumstances, mainly the petrol price hike and interest rates that have seriously affected the sales of small cars. It is also thinking to offer CNG cars choice in the new Alto 800. The main aspects that the company is trying to enhance in the new Alto 800's are better-quality fuel efficiency (one of the crucial reasons to make customer pull apart from its new design and other features) of 22.74 km per lit, which is 15 % higher than the earlier model. Maruti Alto features upgraded gear shift and more space for rear passengers. The car comes in 6 variants out of which 3 in CNG and 3 in Petrol. Maruti Alto 800 will also have CNG option also. The Petrol variants of Alto 800 are likely to provide a mileage of about 23 kilometer per liter while the CNG version will stretch up to roughly 31 kilometer per liter. The car has extremely stylish and fashionable interiors comprising classy headlamps, better headroom and legroom.

Maruti Alto 800

The car will be available in 6 exciting colors. The Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 price will vary according to the variants; the petrol version is expected to be priced amid Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 3 lakh while the CNG version will be priced between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh. After the declination in the sales of its smaller cars MSI's segment had gone down below 40 % in the Indian customer cars market which stuck at 10, 49,961 units in the April-August period this monetary. The Maruti Alto 800 review allows the company to uphold the image in the segment of small cars once again. MSI and its sellers have paid Rs 470 cr in mounting the new Maruti Alto 800 specifications, which is based on the platform of the preceding model. For Maruti Alto 800 pictures and more updates or information on Maruti Suzuki cars log on to 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Maruti Ritz: Refreshed and More Fuel Efficient

Maruti Suzuki has reveled a renovated version of Maruti Ritz Diesel, pampered with 52 modifications on the front fascia, various changes with the interiors, body side molding and the model delivers best in class fuel efficiency, which has been achieved with numerous initiatives by the engineers of Maruti Ritz. Designing a hatchback car is a bit challenging when it comes to styling it in a attractive way, its striking curves and prominent details define it with a rare body framing. All new refreshed look of new Maruti Ritz does not seems to be in proportion with the other body part. While looking up for the front fascia which seems to be quite broad & extended in regards to other cars into the segment, the look is exaggerated by pouting prominent grille merged with the chrome, that holds the Brand logo on its upper part. The front exterior is equipped with a set of fog lamps, which seems to be aspiring for a sporty look but that does not goes with the whole look. So the refreshed version of Maruti Ritz could be very well flaunted in 3 vibrant colors.

Its steeply held windscreen prominently arise back to give it a hatch back styling, and the details are highlighted with prominent fenders, raised bumpers, boomerang tail lamps. Apart from exteriors the dual tone contrasting interiors even does not seems to be inviting at all. All the do with red and black gives a cheap look on the central console, the red tinch on the multi information display on instrument panel and stereo system and digital IP even does not appeals, dual tone low quality fabric is used for upholstery and same is studded on the inner sides of gates which degrades the quality of interiors, which is generally not the Maruti's style. Though the interiors are lashed with all the safety & convenient features of Maruti Ritz such as electronically adjustable ORVM's, integrated vanity mirror in sun visor, clear courtesy lamps, audio control on the tilt steering wheel and many more. All new Zdi is introduced to with air bags, alloy wheels and audio control.

Though the appearance does not seems to be much appealing but then too it is expected to entice buyers with its unmatched performance and superb fuel efficiency with budget pricing for B+ segment. The car's pricing starts from Rs 5.31 lakh onwards. The car is powered by 1248cc DDiS engine generating a maximum power of 74bhp and torque of 190Nm at 2000rpm. This specific engine can accelerate upto the speed of 0-60kmph in just 5.9 seconds, delivering a fuel efficiency of 23.3kmph which is best in class. The mileage is enhanced from 21.1kmph(previous version) to 23.3kmph with 10% improvement in fuel efficiency which is achieved with the use of reduced fiction engine and calibration optimization.

As per the previous records the overwhelming acceptability could be well explained by marking up sale of more then 200,000 units in just 37 months, and this new version is developed to make Ritz brand much more vibrant and efficient, with all the new technologies intact within. Maruti Suzuki has unveiled the ZDi variant of the Ritz in India.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

2013 Maruti Suzuki WagonR on its Way to India

A perfect car is everyone’s dream and to fulfill this dream Suzuki will be launching Maruti Suzuki WagonR in new avatar soon. Most people in India love to buy this car for the economical price, high-end design and good quality service. If you really feel that the car can solve your transport problem, then yes, this car comes for you with all sorts of desired result. Therefore, take pride and add a new investment in your garage because this car will definitely add charm and glory to your personality.

Maruti Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki WagonR features include increased cabin space, fuel-efficient 28.9 kmpl mileage, superior drive, large and wider wheels, gearshift mechanism with new transmission, dynamic three-point suspension for exotic ride, highly integrated audio system and bold exteriors. These features of the car make most desirable and unique among the people. It is available in three variants Lx, Lxi, Vxi. This new avatar is 75 kg lighter than its previous version and it is powered by 660 cc engine generating 64.1 bhp power. The car has been launched in Japan and thus, it is expected that the car will be launched in India soon.

Maruti Wagon R

Price of the car is a major factor for most of the people and Maruti Suzuki WagonR price starts from Rs. 3.47 lakh to Rs. 4.34 lakh. Wagon R has been one of the largest selling car for Suzuki and to maintain its charisma, it has been launched in all new avatar, which is wonderful. It is expected to be launched before the festive season, so that it can generate high sales during India’s highest selling period. Maruti has tried to make it as economical as possible with high mileage and less price so that it will be able to stand out in several options in its hatchback segment. India is largest selling market for Suzuki even before Japan and that’s because of Maruti’s reputation as common man’s company and its reliability and this new launch too takes the legacy ahead.

Maruti Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki WagonR pictures available on the internet so that you can view it in different colors and select the best one for your choice. Pictures of cars are given from a different angle for your convenience so that you can enjoy the designs in a perfect manner and enjoy happy shop of your latest car. In another way, this will give you pleasure to buy the best one and enjoy the Maruti WagonR car as an investment of your life. Now, wherever you go, take the pleasure of the car and enjoy the ride with your love one.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maruti Alto 800 will also have CNG option

Riding on the phenomenal success of the Maruti cars in India, the company has come up with yet another brainchild called the Maruti Alto 800 will also have CNG optionti Alto 800, whose interior and exterior have been well ordained with innovations and remodeled variations. The buzzword is that the Maruti Alto 800 car will showcase CNG options too. Production-ready wheelers reveal CNG cylinders fitted in the rear back. You can expect Maruti Suzuki India to instill this precedent in the car to meet the unceasing hike in fuel prices and subsequent consumer limitations. This move can generate much cheaper and affordable fuel options.

With juxtaposition of both petrol and CNG variants, the new car is poised to be a player in the automobile market. With a magnificent track record and history with its moderate maruti 800, the Maruti Alto 800 models, with its enhanced repertoire, is bound be a true consumer car. The Maruti Alto 800 Features are well worth mentioning in this regard. The model is standard with Hatchback body type, and B segment. Engine specifications show a displacement of 796cc, F8D, with optimum power of 47 BHP at 6200 rpm, and a maximum torque of 62 Nm at 3000 rpm. The Maruti Alto 800 average dimensions are 3495 mm, 1475 mm, and 1460 mm in length, breadth and height respectively. With a manual driver seat adjustment and a door mirror at the driver’s corner, the car has a seating capacity of five. The tyre size is 145/80 R12 with suspension of Mcpherson strut and chocks filled with coil spring gas. The turning circle of the car is 4.60 meters with no power steering and five manual gears. There are front disk and rear drum brakes with a ground clearance of 160.00mm. The kerb weight of the Maruti Alto 800 is 690 kilograms with fuel tank of thirty-six.

The car is supposed to create ripples in the market with its ecumenical precedents and parameters. There was a huge anticipation before the inception, and people are sure to expect another joyride from the ripe and experienced MSI. The manufacturing giant has always taken into consideration the varied tastes and constraints while churning out an automobile. The Maruti Alto 800 Colors are of different shades and hue. The stylish grey and silver is most likely to appeal the most, given the consumer tastes for neat and clear textures. The Maruti Alto 800 Price is expected to be placed between the Rs. 2, 75,000 - Rs. 3, 50,000 range, and may vary from a state to state, depending on revenue and tax demarcations. I shared that New Maruti Ritz launched to sizzle festive season.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Maruti Ritz Launched to Sizzle Festive Season

Maruti Suzuki is all set to launch the facelift version of Ritz in the market after disturbances in Manesar plant. The all new Maruti Ritz comes with an attractive price tag of just Rs. 5.31 lakh. The facelift version of this car comes with improved mileage feature of about 10 percent more. Previous version used to give a mileage of just about 21.1Kmpl but the facelift version is now offering a whooping 23.2Kmpl mileage. This car comes with a lot of changes in terms of front view, body molding, instrumental panel with multi information display and more. On the whole it is said to have got about 52 changes that improved its appearance along with its performance. This diesel car version comes in four variants modeled LDi, VDi, and ZDi. When it comes to VDi version, it comes at a price tag of just Rs. 5.64 Lakh where as VDi (with ABS) comes at Rs. 5.82 lakh.

The all new 2012 Maruti Ritz is powered by a 1248cc DDiS engine that has the power to generate 73.9BHP @ 4000rpm and it produce torque of about 190Nm @ 2000rpm. Until now, the car is proved to be a huge success for Maruti Suzuki by achieving 2 lakh sales in just about 37 months. New Maruti Ritz face lift version will definitely lives up to the expectations of the customers by delivering impressive performance and mileage. According to the reports, the top end version of Ritz has got alloy wheels with EBD+ABS, electrically operated wings mirrors along with dual airbags. With this, the safety and security of this car has also got improved. 'Live the moment' with Maruti Ritz.

The company has made few changes to its 1.3 liter diesel engine that is now helping the car to give away 23.2Kmpl which is more than the previous car. Thus, you can expect for a high performing car in the form of new 2012 Maruti Suzuki Ritz. However, many feel that the price of this vehicle is higher but the demand of this hatchback vehicle is soaring. This car may have to face challenge from Hyundai, Tata, Nissan, Renault and Volkswagen in the hatchback car category. Today, many car manufacturing companies are rolling out mileage efficient hatchback cars in order to attract customers and to improve sales. Hatchback cars are more effective in city conditions and help to drive freely in heavy traffic conditions. If you are looking for your first car then you need to go for Maruti Suzuki Ritz. It is a perfect hatchback car with impressive performance and impressive mileage. Maruti Ritz ZDi launched in India.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Renault Duster Vs Maruti Ertiga, Which one is better?

The new Renault Duster which was recently launched in the Indian car market has presented the car enthusiasts with a stylish SUV. Maruti also launched a MUV named Maruti Ertiga bit earlier than the Duster. Both Renault Duster as well as Maruti Ertiga are known as compact SUV models. Both these models fall under the same category. Hence, they are targeted for similar customers in the market. Thus, it is pretty sure that they will face tough competition in the Indian automobile market. Maruti has the benefit of being an Indian company, which along with its performance and quality has helped it a lot in earning a lot of reputation from Indian customers. While, Renault is trying to establish its foot in the Indian market and thus, Duster is full of features, which a customer desires in the SUV. Renault Duster has been praised a lot by critics for its elegant exteriors, beautiful interiors, powerful performance and affordability. On the other hand, Maruti Ertiga has been sold a lot due to its being reliable, affordable and brand.

Renault Cars introduced the Duster with special features like rugged appearance and dynamic style. It has very powerful lamps in the front, powerful wheel archer, bumpers with sporty appearance and sporty roof rail. The sport features give it a perfect sporty look. The logo of the company is perfectly fitted in the middle of the grill. The rear area has a stylishly curved lid, high stop lamp and D shaped rear lights. On the other hand, the new Maruti Ertiga from the Maruti cars is simple and compact MUV. It is suitable for the road of any crowded city street as it takes less parking area and space for movement. Maruti Ertiga car has special features like, clear lights in the front, stunning flare fender, specially designed rear lights and sporty appearance. The engine of the Renault Duster is a diesel engine of 1.5 litre CRDi. It can generate power up to 110 bhp at 4000rpm. The car is available with both petrol and diesel engine support.

The Maruti Ertiga is equipped with the new K14 VVT 1.4 litre engine which can run on petrol. Besides, engine and performance, both cars have special features also. The Duster is equipped with stylish features like power windows, power steering and electronically adjustable seats. It also has tinted glass, rear wiper, foldable seat, radio, glove box, MP3 player with Bluetooth. The Ertiga is a compact yet comfortable car with dynamic features like manageable electric power steering, double air conditioner, keyless entry and USB controlled audio section. The Renault Duster price is between the price range of Rs 7 lack to 9 lakh. But Maruti Ertiga price is available at Rs 5.89 lakh to Rs. 8.45 lakh in the showroom of New Delhi. Both these models are rich in features. Now you have to decide based on you budget and mind set. If you want a sport car, then Renault will be the right choice. But, if you plan to buy a car for regular office going purpose then Ertiga will be the compact selection. Maruti india has cars for every segment.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maruti Is All Set to Rock with Maruti SX4 Celebration Edition

Maruti cars are currently the biggest automobile manufacturer in India and the company is constantly providing their customers with a wide assortment of cars, suiting their pocket. The company has started the year 2012 by launching 5 cars, Maruti SX4 Celebtration Edition, Maruti Swift Alpha, new Maruti Swift Dzire, Maruti Swift Dzire Tour and Maruti Ertiga. Some of these cars are upgraded versions of their already stable models hence expected to be well cherished by the customers. Another milestone the company has achieved is becoming the only automobile manufacturer to reach 10 million car sales in India. To celebrate this event, the company has launched the celebration model of Maruti SX4 in Indian market.

Talking about new Maruti SX4 features, the car is well equipped with new seats, fresh chrome inside handles and new floor mats that makes it a perfect car to celebrate. All the improvements are made in interior and exterior of the car and rest of the features like engine, mileage and performance are kept same. Each and every company is well aware of increasing petrol prices in subcontinent hence trying their best to invest most of their efforts and money in diesel cars. Same is the case with this car as the company is focusing more towards the diesel version of it. The Maruti SX4 price is kept a bit higher than its predecessor but the improved interiors does provide the value of it. It’s expected the car will be available at about Rs 8 lakh in Indian market. Keeping the price and features in mind, the car is having its direct competition with Swift Dzire which is most cherished car at the moment. Maruti, Hyundai, and Toyota sales increases.



Having the biggest competitor from its own manufacturing plant does provide an additional edge to the company as no matter which one wins, the ultimate victory will go into the court of Maruti cars. On the whole, we can say Maruti is taking a good care of its customers by providing them with a number of choices to pick from. After going through a number of Maruti SX4 pictures, we would say this car is going to be the best amongst the all. By launching the assortment of 5 different models, the company has prepared to rule the Indian roads throughout the year 2012. Options are many and you have the choice to make a good comparison between them before making your final decision. No matter which one the customers are going with, it’s a win-win situation for both the company as well as the buyers. Maruti Suzuki Swift, DZire bookings continue despite stock shortage.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maruti WagonR Think Big Challenge Gets Whopping Applications

The innovative competition from the leading automobile manufacturers, Maruti Suzuki India, which was called as the Maruti WagonR Think Big Challenge have generated a tremendous response across the country. Maruti Cars have always been acclaimed as one of the most reliable and fuel efficient cars that are pocket friendly in terms of maintenance and are affordably priced. The company has been always striving to develop and produce user friendly cars that are reasonably priced, so that they can reach out to the masses. Maruti India also has a huge and loyal fan base and they are also into doing such inventive competitions that generates a lot of publicity for their brand name. This novel campaign was one such brilliant idea from their think tank and it has become very popular across the country with people from almost all the major cities taking part in this competition.

This was the third season of this campaign and it generated a record breaking 36,318 registrations across the nation, while the previous two seasons had also generated an incredible response. Maruti WagonR is one of the top selling compact hatchbacks from the marvelous fleet of Maruti India. This hatchback car was first launched way back in year, 1999 and since then has been doing incredible business for the company. There have been quite a few changes to its exteriors as well as the inside features and décor till date and it has come out to be one of the most stylish and lively hatchback in its segment. The Maruti WagonR Price range in the Indian market is between Rs. 3.50 lakh and Rs. 5.50 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi), which includes petrol, LPG and CNG models. There are also some unconfirmed reports that the company is planning to bring in the diesel engine based model as well, as this hatchback has been doing marvelous business for them. Maruti WagonR LPG launched recently.

Maruti Wagon R

There are quite a few interesting and practical reviews of Maruti WagonR Features, which have been integrated in this hatchback by the company. Some of them are an efficient air conditioning system that cools the cabin effectively, a power steering and power windows for added convenience for the driver and other safety features like ABS, dual SRS airbag and quite a few such vital features. The exteriors of this wonderful hatchback are also very impressive and sturdy with a neatly styled front façade, which has a tidy radiator grille with chrome elements and a prominent logo of the company. The headlamp cluster is large and fitted with powerful head lights, while the side profile has body colored external mirrors with side turn indicator integrated in it and robust tyres as can be seen in the Maruti WagonR Pictures. On the whole, this hatchback is one of the best models in the fleet of Maruti India and is expected to do well in the coming future as well. Maruti WagonR is a successful indian hatchback.


Maruti Zen Estilo Review

The new Zen Estilo from the Indian auto giant which has been derived from the old Zen which also came from the Maruti’s production house is one of the best innovations from the company. Though the car does not seem to have anything in common with the old Zen but it still carries that image of Zen which Maruti reflected a few years back. Now, the productions of the Zen are closed and that is why the company takes the reputation of it in the new Estilo. Maruti cars are always been contest winning when we talk about rolling over in maximum numbers on the Indian roads. Similarly, the new Zen Estilo holds the image for the company in the popular Maruti cars.

Maruti Zen Estilo

Maruti Zen Estilo pictures convey the tall boy kind of image as similar to the WagonR from the same company. The car looks to be remodelled on the earlier Zen and it purely reflects the design of Maruti as the car cars do from the same company. Recently, the car has got face lifted in India and looks seem to be well improved in the new Estilo. Also, the front part has grown bigger so as to fit the bigger engine under the hood. Maruti Zen Estilo comes with features and specifications and it comes in five variants among which four are the petrol ones while one is the CNG model. The car looks to be a purely designed family car and has got much attention especially when it was introduced in the CNG model in the country. Maruti Zen Estilo folding rear seats increases boot space.

Maruti Zen Estilo

With the engine of 1061cc containing 16 valves and 4 cylinders, it has got multi point fuel injection technology makes the car to deliver maximum power of 64Bhp at 6200Rpm and a torque of 84Nm at 3500rpm. Maruti Zen Estilo price lies in the range of 3.5Lakhs to 4.4Lakhs rupees in India containing from the base model to the top end model. Also, the car is capable of giving 22.4Km/l on the highway and around 15.2 Km/l overall mileages. Maruti Zen Estilo features are designed precisely and well crafted interiors which play an important role in the review of the car. Along with the good interiors and the looks, the car also provides you with the safety features like the child lock system and etc. The car has very good overall quality in it and it serves as one of the base cars for the company to design and produce the upcoming Maruti cars for them. As Maruti Zen Estilo crosses 2 lakh sales mark, it was also honored as a favourite car..


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Maruti Cervo to Compete with Tata Nano

After Tata Nano, it’s now the turn of Maruti to launch a small segment car for Indian roads. Maruti has named this small car as Maruti Cervo which will be seen running over the Indian roads around this Diwali. The Indian premiere and largest auto mobile company, Maruti, is all charged up with this launch. Maruti Cervo will fill up the shoes of Maruti 800, which had served the country long from its launch in 1983. Maruti is launching these Maruti cars in market simply to give a tougher fight to its competitor Tata Nano by keeping Maruti Cervo price as low as 1.5 lakhs. Maruti cars are famous for their affordability, simplicity and features. Maruti Cervo features are expected to be very terrific, although nothing is specifically mentioned about the model type of these Maruti cars.

One thing which is clear about Maruti Cervo is that these Maruti cars will have five doors falling in the hatchback category. As per the overall mileage of Maruti Cervo is concerned, these Maruti cars will come with an attached engine of 660 cc running on 7L petrol. This high speed engine attached with these Maruti cars would provide the Maruti Cervo to shoot faster at a pace of 115km/hr. The Maruti Cervo cars engine performances will be enhanced with 64 Nm torque with a mind boggling power of 60bhp to attend this pace. For this, Maruti Suzuki is using its VVT technology (Variable Value Timing) to enhance the Maruti Cervo engines capacity. Talking about the interior part of these Maruti Cars, seat belts are attached with each and every seat. Front rows legroom, headroom parts, rear part of Maruti Cervo cars are all very spaciously built.

The dashboard is also bigger than normal, attached with both ends AC vents. Driver seat and other seats inside this Maruti Cervo are also very cozy and if you feel pain in your hands you can put your hand over the fine hand rest attachment and feel comfort. Maruti Cervo specifications, reviews are very unique and fantastic. There are lots of spaces inside this Maruti car to accommodate your luggage and is also comfortable for sitting 6 people including the driver. These Maruti cars have a funky exterior with beautiful curves. It’s a generation next car and the impressive metallic exterior color will make go crazy about these Maruti Cervo cars. It will also have an eye-shaped headlights attached with indicators and the headlamps at the exterior of the car. The rear and font of it will have same color as the body color. Other exterior accessories attached with Maruti Cervo includes fog lamp, honey-comb radiators, view side mirrors, front side tiny mirror indicators, LED quality brake lights, rear roof being attached with a compact antenna and wheel covered tyres. However, one will get perfect idea about this small wonder once Maruti Cervo pictures will be out. Recently, I shared that Maruti India has Cars for every Segment.

Maruti India has Cars for every Segment

Maruti Suzuki is one of the most popular automobile companies in India. Maruti India has been always proving that it can manufacture cars that are compatible to varying standards of Indian people and are reliable as well. Maruti Cars are very popular in India and some of the famous models are Maruti 800, Maruti Ritz, Maruti Ertiga, Maruti Swift Sports etc. The cheapest model from Maruti Suzuki is Maruti 800. This car has been very popular among people who can’t afford expensive cars, and want to fulfill their dream of having a car. Maruti has a large variety of cars in terms of their designs, colors, engine powers, size, price etc.

This large variety of cars makes Maruti India more popular as people can buy a car according to thier needs and under the budget. Though Maurti 800 has been very popular in Indian automobile market as it is cost affective, but however due to the increasing competition in the market the company has decided to stop the production of Maruti 800. In a recent press release in Delhi, Maruti Suzuki stated the profit of the company has been decreased by almost 3.04 percents for the quarter ending 31st March, 2012. However, the net sales of the company has been increased in the fourth quarter of the year 2011-12. On one hand company has decided to stop the production of Maruti 800 and on other hand one new model of Maruti, Maruti Ertiga has been launched.

According to the model, features and price of this car, the company is expecting a great success in the sales of this car in Indian auto market. Maruti Ertiga price is between Rs. 5.89 Lakh to Rs. 8.45 Lakh. At present Maruti Suzuki is the most searched car on Google. According to Maruti, this car will definitely increase the market share of Maruti Suzuki India. Maruti Suzuki Sports is also one of the most popular cars from Maruti. The ex-showroom price of this car starts from Rs. 4,55,930 only. Maruti India has always been proved its quality and economical cars in India for years and we hope that it will continue to prove this in future also. I shared that Maruti, Hyundai, and Toyota Sales Increases.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Maruti, Hyundai, and Toyota Sales Increases

While the country is still waiting for the Monsoon, its already monsoon for the automobile giants. The month of June has been quite pleasant one for most auto-makers in India specially for that of Maruti, Hyundai and Toyota. Since most of the automobile companies were struggling from the past two months, the month of June has provided a great relief in the automobile market. According to the officials of Maruti India, Maruti India has reported an approximate growth of 20.30% selling a total 96,597 units of Maruti cars, as compared to previous year's 80,298 units of Maruti cars in the same month. Out of total units sold, domestic sales stood at 83,531 units registering a total growth of 19.30%, while the exports too saw a rise of 27.13% with a total 13,066 units.

Maruti India mini car segment which includes 800, Maruti Alto 800, A-Star and Maruti WagonR reported a dip of 10.44% while the compact segment which includes Estilo, Ritz and Swift Models saw an impressive 39.32% hike in sale. Talking about the another giant, Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) registered a total sales of 54,354 units in June 2012, recorded a hike of around 3.5% from the corresponding month last year. The Hyundai cars has a segment A2 that includes the Eon, Santro, i10 and i20 stood at 44,046 units, while the segment A3 (comprising the Accent and Verna) stood a total sales of 10,182 units, while the A5 (Sonata) and SUV total sales stood at 39 and 87 units respectively. Such a market report is quite good for Hyundai Elantra which is to be launched in the next few coming months. The third giant,

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) also reported a healthy 22% hike in car sales, while selling a total of 14,700 units of Toyota cars sold during June as compared to 12,034 units of the last year, June. Toyota Etios series (Hatchback + Sedan) recorded good growth of 7%. This is not the same scene for all, Tata Motors saw a decline of 5% at 58,270 units this year as compared to 61,266 units in June last year. The main reason for Tata Motors for such a downfall is becuase the Tata Indica and Tata Indigo range saw a record fall of 35% and 46% respectively. So we can see the previous month was quite good for Maruti India, Hyundai and Toyota while the Tata Motors struggled a lot. The coming months are supposed to accelerate the automobile market. I shared that Volkswagen Vento is Planned to be Exported.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Maruti Alto Hatchback Sales is Increasing Since its Launch

There is no doubt that the Maruti Alto sales hit 20 Lakh milestones as it is the best selling Hatchback. In India, Maruti cars are like kings of the roads with their excellent marketing strategy. Maruti Alto is the most abundant car found in India with maximum service station throughout the country. Maruti car parts and products are very cheap and easily available, even if we compare them with other brand cars of this range. Their parts are more durable than other company products. Maruti Alto Price ranges from 2 to 3 Lakh which is in the range of common people and that is the reason that we can find it sales to be the maximum. Due to petrol hikes, Maruti is offering tremendous discounts on all their petrol vehicles especially Maruti Alto. Apparently, they have reduced Rs 30,000 on Maruti Alto.

Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto comes with 796cc engine which produces a torque of 62Nm and a power of 47PS. It has got 3 cylinders and all are provided with MPFI system which takes the adequate amount of fuel needed for the combustion. It is provided with 5 speed gear system for smoother gear shifting which gives a better mileage than the other cars of this range like Hyundai Eon, Santro etc. But if it comes to the power then Maruti Alto will not be a better choice. It can be good for enhanced fuel efficiency and great mileage. Maruti Alto has a soothing interior with fabric seats and moulded carpets. But have a little leg space and little head space which means it will be uncomfortable for the tall persons. Overall its interior is average. In the exterior parts it is supplemented with a stylish front bumper and dazzling front grills with sparkling tail lamps.

Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto Features includes power steering and power windows which were not even provided in the inferior models of Maruti like Maruti 800. Its other features are low turning radius which allows it to turn in a small radius and helps in easy and convenient parking. All of the above mentioned details are the key factors which portraits Maruti Alto pictures of maximum sales. Maruti manufacturer understand the nerves of the people and accordingly design their machines which can be behooving for common man desire. MSI chief operating officer, Mayank Pareek told that Maruti Alto has very quickly crossed the sales of 10 lakh in 3 years of its launch in the year 2000. Hence, in the year 2010-11, Maruti Alto is the only car which has reached to the target of 3 Lakh units which is far more than any other car in the same range. I shared that Chevrolet Sail Coming Soon to India.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maruti Alto Crosses 20 lakh Unit Aales in close to 12 years

Maruti India is overjoyed as one of their top selling small cars since more than a decade has achieved a marvelous feat. The adorable small car, Maruti Alto has crossed 20 lakh vehicle sales recently and this stupendous accomplishment was done in close to eleven years and nine months. Maruti Cars are renowned to be steadfast and consistent and Maruti Alto is a fine example of that. The company feels that the superb success of this car is attributed to superior fuel efficiency combined with a compact and sleek design along with being pocket friendly in terms of servicing, spare parts and other repairs. Maruti Alto is said to be the most popular car for the first time buyers as it is easy to maneuver, affordably priced, less on maintenance and has a compact design. The best year for this small car was 2010-11, when Maruti Alto sold a whopping 3 lakh vehicles, which is also a milestone in itself. This small car was launched in year, 2000 and was the fastest to cross the 10 lakh vehicle sales from the reputed stable of Maruti India.

The Maruti Alto Pictures reveal the neat front fascia of this charming car with a big chrome logo embossed at the center of the radiator grille. This front grille is flanked with a decent head light cluster, which is powered with clear lens lamps. The side profile has tidy wheel arches which have tubeless tyres with an 8 spoke wheel covers and the side turn indicators have been fitted above these wheel arches. Maruti Alto has a good ground clearance of 160mm with a short turning radius of just 4.6 meters. This small car is available in petrol as well as in CNG variants with three trims of each version across all the Maruti dealerships in the country. The Maruti Alto Price for the petrol version is between Rs. 2.43 lakh and Rs. 2.94 lakh; while the CNG variants are priced between Rs. 2.91 lakh and Rs. 3.42 lakh (all prices mentioned are of ex-showroom New Delhi).

The Maruti Alto Features are a tad lesser owing to the impressive pricing, but this car still has a power steering, dual tone dashboard, digital fuel indicator, manual air conditioning system and several other such remarkable features. The engine is a peppy 796cc with MPFI that is coupled with a 5-Speed manual transmission gear box and this wonderful car can generate a remarkable mileage between 14 to 18.9 kmpl with the petrol engine and the CNG variant gives between 15 to 20 kmpl. With such delightful features and an energetic engine, this small car is all set to rule the roost for many more years to come. Meanwhile, several other upcoming vehicles such as Chevrolet Sail, Mitsubishi Mirage, New Hyundai Elantra and BMW 3 Series are also going to be launched in the coming weeks. I shared that Maruti Ertiga launched, price starts at Rs 5.89 lakh.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maruti Suzuki is Planning to Launch Alto 800 By The End Of 2012

One of the most sold out and popular car from the house Maruti Suzuki is the hatchback Alto, which is quite affordable. This economical hatchback car comes within a range of Rs. 2.50-3.50 lakh and it has taken the Indian Automobile market by storm. Maruti Suzuki India is scheduling to launch the facelift version of Alto i.e. Maruti Alto 800. It is expected to hit the Indian showrooms by the end of the existing year. Maruti Alto 800 price is expected to go around Rs. 2.50 lakh.

Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto 800 will boast an 800cc two valve cylinder engine, which will be mated with five speed manual transmission. This enormous petrol engine is expected to churn out an apex power of 37bhp. According to one of the review on New Maruti Alto 800, the engine of this car makes lots of noise and it take a long time to attain a decent speed. It is speculated that Maruti Alto 800 will render a mileage of 16 km per litre in urban areas whereas an outstanding mileage of 22 km per litre on highways. One can easily judge from Maruti Alto 800 exteriors that it will be different and bigger than the current Maruti Alto.

Maruti Alto 800

The headlamp of the New Maruti Alto 800 carries lenses and the front grille is also slightly tuned. The rear part of Maruti Alto 800 is also modified and now it will come with solid build quality. If we talk about the Maruti Alto 800 interiors then this facelift car comes with spacious cabin, which can easily seat 4 adults with absolute comfort and ease. Maruti Alto 800 sports a stylish dashboard, which carries a pop-top storage box. Maruti Alto 800 features new dials, fabric and a superior looking instrument console.

One of the most attention grabbing features of Maruti Alto 800 is the steering wheel, which gives a first-class feel while driving. But the New Maruti Alto 800 will be lacking in power steering, which could be little disappointing and might drive away the sales of this hatchback. The company has taken care of safety features in Maruti Alto 800. This facelift variant will carry front and rear disc brakes along with intelligent computerized anti theft system. One of the major parts of safety is the booster assisted brakes, which would play a big role in case of collisions. It can be stated that Maruti Alto 800 will be a cheap and reliable car, which will be the perfect choice for those people who cannot afford high end cars. I shared that Chevrolet Sail Coming Soon to India.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maruti Ertiga Cheaper Than Toyota Innova

Maruti has launched Maruti Ertiga couple of months back and this is the first car from Maruti in MUV segment, though Maruti prefers it to say LUV [Life Utility Vehicle]. Maruti always had reputation of manufacturing small cars and there has been huge demand from its customers that this veteran four wheeler manufacturer produces a new variant in MUV segment. Finally Maruti entered the MUV segment with Maruti Ertiga. Maruti Ertiga comes with huge space and is well suited to big family, Maruti Ertiga can easily accommodate seven persons and is boasted as a complete family car. Maruti Cars have always known for their performance and fuel efficiency.

Maruti has picked Ertiga name from Indonesian language which means three rows, and living upto its name this MUV has three rows of seats. Maruti Ertiga is available in petrol and diesel versions and this LUV will be available in three trims in diesel and petrol version, LXi, VXi, and ZXi will be available in petrol version and LDi, ZDi and ZDi will be available in diesel version. If we take a look at Maruti Ertiga Price in India is about Rs.7 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi). If we look at the engine specifications of Maruti Ertiga petrol variant, it comes with a 1.4 liter advanced K-Series engine with 4 cylinders and a 5-speed manual transmission gear box. Looking at the diesel version this variant is fitted with 1.3 liter direct diesel injection system with a similar gear box and number of cylinders.

Maruti Ertiga carries the legacy of Maruti of being most fuel efficient car. The petrol version is expected to give 16.02 Kmpl and diesel version is expected to deliver 20.77 Kmpl. Maruti Ertiga will be competing with all the big names like Toyota Cars and Mahindra Cars which have already taken over the maximum market share in this segment. Ertiga will be closely competing with Toyota Innova, which is leading the SUV and MUV race at the moment in India. The first and foremost difference is that Maruti Ertiga is much cheaper in comparison with Toyota Innova. Maruti Ertiga is available for Rs.7 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi), and if we compare it with Toyota Innova Price, this Japanese MUV is priced at Rs. 9 ,12, 171 (ex-showroom New Delhi). Maruti Ertiga diesel variant gives approximately 20.77 Kmpl in comparison with 10 Kmpl from Innova, and also Maruti Ertiga comes with world class interior features like powerful air conditioning, rear vents, and comfortable seating. The best part is that Maruti offers MUV in petrol and diesel version, giving the customers option to choose from. We have to wait and watch how these new variant from Maruti Ertiga confronts Toyota Innova. I shared that Skoda Fabia Scout Launched Quietly.