Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maruti Is All Set to Rock with Maruti SX4 Celebration Edition

Maruti cars are currently the biggest automobile manufacturer in India and the company is constantly providing their customers with a wide assortment of cars, suiting their pocket. The company has started the year 2012 by launching 5 cars, Maruti SX4 Celebtration Edition, Maruti Swift Alpha, new Maruti Swift Dzire, Maruti Swift Dzire Tour and Maruti Ertiga. Some of these cars are upgraded versions of their already stable models hence expected to be well cherished by the customers. Another milestone the company has achieved is becoming the only automobile manufacturer to reach 10 million car sales in India. To celebrate this event, the company has launched the celebration model of Maruti SX4 in Indian market.

Talking about new Maruti SX4 features, the car is well equipped with new seats, fresh chrome inside handles and new floor mats that makes it a perfect car to celebrate. All the improvements are made in interior and exterior of the car and rest of the features like engine, mileage and performance are kept same. Each and every company is well aware of increasing petrol prices in subcontinent hence trying their best to invest most of their efforts and money in diesel cars. Same is the case with this car as the company is focusing more towards the diesel version of it. The Maruti SX4 price is kept a bit higher than its predecessor but the improved interiors does provide the value of it. It’s expected the car will be available at about Rs 8 lakh in Indian market. Keeping the price and features in mind, the car is having its direct competition with Swift Dzire which is most cherished car at the moment. Maruti, Hyundai, and Toyota sales increases.



Having the biggest competitor from its own manufacturing plant does provide an additional edge to the company as no matter which one wins, the ultimate victory will go into the court of Maruti cars. On the whole, we can say Maruti is taking a good care of its customers by providing them with a number of choices to pick from. After going through a number of Maruti SX4 pictures, we would say this car is going to be the best amongst the all. By launching the assortment of 5 different models, the company has prepared to rule the Indian roads throughout the year 2012. Options are many and you have the choice to make a good comparison between them before making your final decision. No matter which one the customers are going with, it’s a win-win situation for both the company as well as the buyers. Maruti Suzuki Swift, DZire bookings continue despite stock shortage.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maruti WagonR Think Big Challenge Gets Whopping Applications

The innovative competition from the leading automobile manufacturers, Maruti Suzuki India, which was called as the Maruti WagonR Think Big Challenge have generated a tremendous response across the country. Maruti Cars have always been acclaimed as one of the most reliable and fuel efficient cars that are pocket friendly in terms of maintenance and are affordably priced. The company has been always striving to develop and produce user friendly cars that are reasonably priced, so that they can reach out to the masses. Maruti India also has a huge and loyal fan base and they are also into doing such inventive competitions that generates a lot of publicity for their brand name. This novel campaign was one such brilliant idea from their think tank and it has become very popular across the country with people from almost all the major cities taking part in this competition.

This was the third season of this campaign and it generated a record breaking 36,318 registrations across the nation, while the previous two seasons had also generated an incredible response. Maruti WagonR is one of the top selling compact hatchbacks from the marvelous fleet of Maruti India. This hatchback car was first launched way back in year, 1999 and since then has been doing incredible business for the company. There have been quite a few changes to its exteriors as well as the inside features and décor till date and it has come out to be one of the most stylish and lively hatchback in its segment. The Maruti WagonR Price range in the Indian market is between Rs. 3.50 lakh and Rs. 5.50 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi), which includes petrol, LPG and CNG models. There are also some unconfirmed reports that the company is planning to bring in the diesel engine based model as well, as this hatchback has been doing marvelous business for them. Maruti WagonR LPG launched recently.

Maruti Wagon R

There are quite a few interesting and practical reviews of Maruti WagonR Features, which have been integrated in this hatchback by the company. Some of them are an efficient air conditioning system that cools the cabin effectively, a power steering and power windows for added convenience for the driver and other safety features like ABS, dual SRS airbag and quite a few such vital features. The exteriors of this wonderful hatchback are also very impressive and sturdy with a neatly styled front façade, which has a tidy radiator grille with chrome elements and a prominent logo of the company. The headlamp cluster is large and fitted with powerful head lights, while the side profile has body colored external mirrors with side turn indicator integrated in it and robust tyres as can be seen in the Maruti WagonR Pictures. On the whole, this hatchback is one of the best models in the fleet of Maruti India and is expected to do well in the coming future as well. Maruti WagonR is a successful indian hatchback.


Maruti Zen Estilo Review

The new Zen Estilo from the Indian auto giant which has been derived from the old Zen which also came from the Maruti’s production house is one of the best innovations from the company. Though the car does not seem to have anything in common with the old Zen but it still carries that image of Zen which Maruti reflected a few years back. Now, the productions of the Zen are closed and that is why the company takes the reputation of it in the new Estilo. Maruti cars are always been contest winning when we talk about rolling over in maximum numbers on the Indian roads. Similarly, the new Zen Estilo holds the image for the company in the popular Maruti cars.

Maruti Zen Estilo

Maruti Zen Estilo pictures convey the tall boy kind of image as similar to the WagonR from the same company. The car looks to be remodelled on the earlier Zen and it purely reflects the design of Maruti as the car cars do from the same company. Recently, the car has got face lifted in India and looks seem to be well improved in the new Estilo. Also, the front part has grown bigger so as to fit the bigger engine under the hood. Maruti Zen Estilo comes with features and specifications and it comes in five variants among which four are the petrol ones while one is the CNG model. The car looks to be a purely designed family car and has got much attention especially when it was introduced in the CNG model in the country. Maruti Zen Estilo folding rear seats increases boot space.

Maruti Zen Estilo

With the engine of 1061cc containing 16 valves and 4 cylinders, it has got multi point fuel injection technology makes the car to deliver maximum power of 64Bhp at 6200Rpm and a torque of 84Nm at 3500rpm. Maruti Zen Estilo price lies in the range of 3.5Lakhs to 4.4Lakhs rupees in India containing from the base model to the top end model. Also, the car is capable of giving 22.4Km/l on the highway and around 15.2 Km/l overall mileages. Maruti Zen Estilo features are designed precisely and well crafted interiors which play an important role in the review of the car. Along with the good interiors and the looks, the car also provides you with the safety features like the child lock system and etc. The car has very good overall quality in it and it serves as one of the base cars for the company to design and produce the upcoming Maruti cars for them. As Maruti Zen Estilo crosses 2 lakh sales mark, it was also honored as a favourite car..


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Maruti Cervo to Compete with Tata Nano

After Tata Nano, it’s now the turn of Maruti to launch a small segment car for Indian roads. Maruti has named this small car as Maruti Cervo which will be seen running over the Indian roads around this Diwali. The Indian premiere and largest auto mobile company, Maruti, is all charged up with this launch. Maruti Cervo will fill up the shoes of Maruti 800, which had served the country long from its launch in 1983. Maruti is launching these Maruti cars in market simply to give a tougher fight to its competitor Tata Nano by keeping Maruti Cervo price as low as 1.5 lakhs. Maruti cars are famous for their affordability, simplicity and features. Maruti Cervo features are expected to be very terrific, although nothing is specifically mentioned about the model type of these Maruti cars.

One thing which is clear about Maruti Cervo is that these Maruti cars will have five doors falling in the hatchback category. As per the overall mileage of Maruti Cervo is concerned, these Maruti cars will come with an attached engine of 660 cc running on 7L petrol. This high speed engine attached with these Maruti cars would provide the Maruti Cervo to shoot faster at a pace of 115km/hr. The Maruti Cervo cars engine performances will be enhanced with 64 Nm torque with a mind boggling power of 60bhp to attend this pace. For this, Maruti Suzuki is using its VVT technology (Variable Value Timing) to enhance the Maruti Cervo engines capacity. Talking about the interior part of these Maruti Cars, seat belts are attached with each and every seat. Front rows legroom, headroom parts, rear part of Maruti Cervo cars are all very spaciously built.

The dashboard is also bigger than normal, attached with both ends AC vents. Driver seat and other seats inside this Maruti Cervo are also very cozy and if you feel pain in your hands you can put your hand over the fine hand rest attachment and feel comfort. Maruti Cervo specifications, reviews are very unique and fantastic. There are lots of spaces inside this Maruti car to accommodate your luggage and is also comfortable for sitting 6 people including the driver. These Maruti cars have a funky exterior with beautiful curves. It’s a generation next car and the impressive metallic exterior color will make go crazy about these Maruti Cervo cars. It will also have an eye-shaped headlights attached with indicators and the headlamps at the exterior of the car. The rear and font of it will have same color as the body color. Other exterior accessories attached with Maruti Cervo includes fog lamp, honey-comb radiators, view side mirrors, front side tiny mirror indicators, LED quality brake lights, rear roof being attached with a compact antenna and wheel covered tyres. However, one will get perfect idea about this small wonder once Maruti Cervo pictures will be out. Recently, I shared that Maruti India has Cars for every Segment.

Maruti India has Cars for every Segment

Maruti Suzuki is one of the most popular automobile companies in India. Maruti India has been always proving that it can manufacture cars that are compatible to varying standards of Indian people and are reliable as well. Maruti Cars are very popular in India and some of the famous models are Maruti 800, Maruti Ritz, Maruti Ertiga, Maruti Swift Sports etc. The cheapest model from Maruti Suzuki is Maruti 800. This car has been very popular among people who can’t afford expensive cars, and want to fulfill their dream of having a car. Maruti has a large variety of cars in terms of their designs, colors, engine powers, size, price etc.

This large variety of cars makes Maruti India more popular as people can buy a car according to thier needs and under the budget. Though Maurti 800 has been very popular in Indian automobile market as it is cost affective, but however due to the increasing competition in the market the company has decided to stop the production of Maruti 800. In a recent press release in Delhi, Maruti Suzuki stated the profit of the company has been decreased by almost 3.04 percents for the quarter ending 31st March, 2012. However, the net sales of the company has been increased in the fourth quarter of the year 2011-12. On one hand company has decided to stop the production of Maruti 800 and on other hand one new model of Maruti, Maruti Ertiga has been launched.

According to the model, features and price of this car, the company is expecting a great success in the sales of this car in Indian auto market. Maruti Ertiga price is between Rs. 5.89 Lakh to Rs. 8.45 Lakh. At present Maruti Suzuki is the most searched car on Google. According to Maruti, this car will definitely increase the market share of Maruti Suzuki India. Maruti Suzuki Sports is also one of the most popular cars from Maruti. The ex-showroom price of this car starts from Rs. 4,55,930 only. Maruti India has always been proved its quality and economical cars in India for years and we hope that it will continue to prove this in future also. I shared that Maruti, Hyundai, and Toyota Sales Increases.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Maruti, Hyundai, and Toyota Sales Increases

While the country is still waiting for the Monsoon, its already monsoon for the automobile giants. The month of June has been quite pleasant one for most auto-makers in India specially for that of Maruti, Hyundai and Toyota. Since most of the automobile companies were struggling from the past two months, the month of June has provided a great relief in the automobile market. According to the officials of Maruti India, Maruti India has reported an approximate growth of 20.30% selling a total 96,597 units of Maruti cars, as compared to previous year's 80,298 units of Maruti cars in the same month. Out of total units sold, domestic sales stood at 83,531 units registering a total growth of 19.30%, while the exports too saw a rise of 27.13% with a total 13,066 units.

Maruti India mini car segment which includes 800, Maruti Alto 800, A-Star and Maruti WagonR reported a dip of 10.44% while the compact segment which includes Estilo, Ritz and Swift Models saw an impressive 39.32% hike in sale. Talking about the another giant, Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) registered a total sales of 54,354 units in June 2012, recorded a hike of around 3.5% from the corresponding month last year. The Hyundai cars has a segment A2 that includes the Eon, Santro, i10 and i20 stood at 44,046 units, while the segment A3 (comprising the Accent and Verna) stood a total sales of 10,182 units, while the A5 (Sonata) and SUV total sales stood at 39 and 87 units respectively. Such a market report is quite good for Hyundai Elantra which is to be launched in the next few coming months. The third giant,

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) also reported a healthy 22% hike in car sales, while selling a total of 14,700 units of Toyota cars sold during June as compared to 12,034 units of the last year, June. Toyota Etios series (Hatchback + Sedan) recorded good growth of 7%. This is not the same scene for all, Tata Motors saw a decline of 5% at 58,270 units this year as compared to 61,266 units in June last year. The main reason for Tata Motors for such a downfall is becuase the Tata Indica and Tata Indigo range saw a record fall of 35% and 46% respectively. So we can see the previous month was quite good for Maruti India, Hyundai and Toyota while the Tata Motors struggled a lot. The coming months are supposed to accelerate the automobile market. I shared that Volkswagen Vento is Planned to be Exported.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Maruti Alto Hatchback Sales is Increasing Since its Launch

There is no doubt that the Maruti Alto sales hit 20 Lakh milestones as it is the best selling Hatchback. In India, Maruti cars are like kings of the roads with their excellent marketing strategy. Maruti Alto is the most abundant car found in India with maximum service station throughout the country. Maruti car parts and products are very cheap and easily available, even if we compare them with other brand cars of this range. Their parts are more durable than other company products. Maruti Alto Price ranges from 2 to 3 Lakh which is in the range of common people and that is the reason that we can find it sales to be the maximum. Due to petrol hikes, Maruti is offering tremendous discounts on all their petrol vehicles especially Maruti Alto. Apparently, they have reduced Rs 30,000 on Maruti Alto.

Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto comes with 796cc engine which produces a torque of 62Nm and a power of 47PS. It has got 3 cylinders and all are provided with MPFI system which takes the adequate amount of fuel needed for the combustion. It is provided with 5 speed gear system for smoother gear shifting which gives a better mileage than the other cars of this range like Hyundai Eon, Santro etc. But if it comes to the power then Maruti Alto will not be a better choice. It can be good for enhanced fuel efficiency and great mileage. Maruti Alto has a soothing interior with fabric seats and moulded carpets. But have a little leg space and little head space which means it will be uncomfortable for the tall persons. Overall its interior is average. In the exterior parts it is supplemented with a stylish front bumper and dazzling front grills with sparkling tail lamps.

Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto Features includes power steering and power windows which were not even provided in the inferior models of Maruti like Maruti 800. Its other features are low turning radius which allows it to turn in a small radius and helps in easy and convenient parking. All of the above mentioned details are the key factors which portraits Maruti Alto pictures of maximum sales. Maruti manufacturer understand the nerves of the people and accordingly design their machines which can be behooving for common man desire. MSI chief operating officer, Mayank Pareek told that Maruti Alto has very quickly crossed the sales of 10 lakh in 3 years of its launch in the year 2000. Hence, in the year 2010-11, Maruti Alto is the only car which has reached to the target of 3 Lakh units which is far more than any other car in the same range. I shared that Chevrolet Sail Coming Soon to India.