Monday, July 2, 2012

Maruti Alto Hatchback Sales is Increasing Since its Launch

There is no doubt that the Maruti Alto sales hit 20 Lakh milestones as it is the best selling Hatchback. In India, Maruti cars are like kings of the roads with their excellent marketing strategy. Maruti Alto is the most abundant car found in India with maximum service station throughout the country. Maruti car parts and products are very cheap and easily available, even if we compare them with other brand cars of this range. Their parts are more durable than other company products. Maruti Alto Price ranges from 2 to 3 Lakh which is in the range of common people and that is the reason that we can find it sales to be the maximum. Due to petrol hikes, Maruti is offering tremendous discounts on all their petrol vehicles especially Maruti Alto. Apparently, they have reduced Rs 30,000 on Maruti Alto.

Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto comes with 796cc engine which produces a torque of 62Nm and a power of 47PS. It has got 3 cylinders and all are provided with MPFI system which takes the adequate amount of fuel needed for the combustion. It is provided with 5 speed gear system for smoother gear shifting which gives a better mileage than the other cars of this range like Hyundai Eon, Santro etc. But if it comes to the power then Maruti Alto will not be a better choice. It can be good for enhanced fuel efficiency and great mileage. Maruti Alto has a soothing interior with fabric seats and moulded carpets. But have a little leg space and little head space which means it will be uncomfortable for the tall persons. Overall its interior is average. In the exterior parts it is supplemented with a stylish front bumper and dazzling front grills with sparkling tail lamps.

Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto Features includes power steering and power windows which were not even provided in the inferior models of Maruti like Maruti 800. Its other features are low turning radius which allows it to turn in a small radius and helps in easy and convenient parking. All of the above mentioned details are the key factors which portraits Maruti Alto pictures of maximum sales. Maruti manufacturer understand the nerves of the people and accordingly design their machines which can be behooving for common man desire. MSI chief operating officer, Mayank Pareek told that Maruti Alto has very quickly crossed the sales of 10 lakh in 3 years of its launch in the year 2000. Hence, in the year 2010-11, Maruti Alto is the only car which has reached to the target of 3 Lakh units which is far more than any other car in the same range. I shared that Chevrolet Sail Coming Soon to India.

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