Saturday, July 21, 2012

Maruti Cervo to Compete with Tata Nano

After Tata Nano, it’s now the turn of Maruti to launch a small segment car for Indian roads. Maruti has named this small car as Maruti Cervo which will be seen running over the Indian roads around this Diwali. The Indian premiere and largest auto mobile company, Maruti, is all charged up with this launch. Maruti Cervo will fill up the shoes of Maruti 800, which had served the country long from its launch in 1983. Maruti is launching these Maruti cars in market simply to give a tougher fight to its competitor Tata Nano by keeping Maruti Cervo price as low as 1.5 lakhs. Maruti cars are famous for their affordability, simplicity and features. Maruti Cervo features are expected to be very terrific, although nothing is specifically mentioned about the model type of these Maruti cars.

One thing which is clear about Maruti Cervo is that these Maruti cars will have five doors falling in the hatchback category. As per the overall mileage of Maruti Cervo is concerned, these Maruti cars will come with an attached engine of 660 cc running on 7L petrol. This high speed engine attached with these Maruti cars would provide the Maruti Cervo to shoot faster at a pace of 115km/hr. The Maruti Cervo cars engine performances will be enhanced with 64 Nm torque with a mind boggling power of 60bhp to attend this pace. For this, Maruti Suzuki is using its VVT technology (Variable Value Timing) to enhance the Maruti Cervo engines capacity. Talking about the interior part of these Maruti Cars, seat belts are attached with each and every seat. Front rows legroom, headroom parts, rear part of Maruti Cervo cars are all very spaciously built.

The dashboard is also bigger than normal, attached with both ends AC vents. Driver seat and other seats inside this Maruti Cervo are also very cozy and if you feel pain in your hands you can put your hand over the fine hand rest attachment and feel comfort. Maruti Cervo specifications, reviews are very unique and fantastic. There are lots of spaces inside this Maruti car to accommodate your luggage and is also comfortable for sitting 6 people including the driver. These Maruti cars have a funky exterior with beautiful curves. It’s a generation next car and the impressive metallic exterior color will make go crazy about these Maruti Cervo cars. It will also have an eye-shaped headlights attached with indicators and the headlamps at the exterior of the car. The rear and font of it will have same color as the body color. Other exterior accessories attached with Maruti Cervo includes fog lamp, honey-comb radiators, view side mirrors, front side tiny mirror indicators, LED quality brake lights, rear roof being attached with a compact antenna and wheel covered tyres. However, one will get perfect idea about this small wonder once Maruti Cervo pictures will be out. Recently, I shared that Maruti India has Cars for every Segment.

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