Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maruti Is All Set to Rock with Maruti SX4 Celebration Edition

Maruti cars are currently the biggest automobile manufacturer in India and the company is constantly providing their customers with a wide assortment of cars, suiting their pocket. The company has started the year 2012 by launching 5 cars, Maruti SX4 Celebtration Edition, Maruti Swift Alpha, new Maruti Swift Dzire, Maruti Swift Dzire Tour and Maruti Ertiga. Some of these cars are upgraded versions of their already stable models hence expected to be well cherished by the customers. Another milestone the company has achieved is becoming the only automobile manufacturer to reach 10 million car sales in India. To celebrate this event, the company has launched the celebration model of Maruti SX4 in Indian market.

Talking about new Maruti SX4 features, the car is well equipped with new seats, fresh chrome inside handles and new floor mats that makes it a perfect car to celebrate. All the improvements are made in interior and exterior of the car and rest of the features like engine, mileage and performance are kept same. Each and every company is well aware of increasing petrol prices in subcontinent hence trying their best to invest most of their efforts and money in diesel cars. Same is the case with this car as the company is focusing more towards the diesel version of it. The Maruti SX4 price is kept a bit higher than its predecessor but the improved interiors does provide the value of it. It’s expected the car will be available at about Rs 8 lakh in Indian market. Keeping the price and features in mind, the car is having its direct competition with Swift Dzire which is most cherished car at the moment. Maruti, Hyundai, and Toyota sales increases.



Having the biggest competitor from its own manufacturing plant does provide an additional edge to the company as no matter which one wins, the ultimate victory will go into the court of Maruti cars. On the whole, we can say Maruti is taking a good care of its customers by providing them with a number of choices to pick from. After going through a number of Maruti SX4 pictures, we would say this car is going to be the best amongst the all. By launching the assortment of 5 different models, the company has prepared to rule the Indian roads throughout the year 2012. Options are many and you have the choice to make a good comparison between them before making your final decision. No matter which one the customers are going with, it’s a win-win situation for both the company as well as the buyers. Maruti Suzuki Swift, DZire bookings continue despite stock shortage.


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