Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Maruti Suzuki launches Limited Edition A-Star Aktiv for a Limited Period

India's leading car maker Maruti cars has launched a special edition of its hatchback A-Star. Special edition of the car is available in two trims VXI and VXI A/T, although no change has been made by the company in engine of the car. Maruti A Star Aktiv model of the car has launched for the limited period of time. The all new A-Star Aktiv has been given a sporty look which makes it different from its previous models. A-Star is car which is basically targets the young car buyers. If we talk about Maruti A Star Akitv pictures then sporty look is given to car the car which makes it more attractive and make it look different from the the previous model. If we talk about Maruti A Star Aktiv price then car is available in the market at a premium of just Rs. 14,000.

Maruti A-Star Aktiv

All new Maruti A Star Aktiv features special body graphics which create eye catching effect, red colours wing mirrors, and fog lamp are also inserted even door frames of the car are black in colour , giving special looks to the car. Interiors of car are also upgraded by providing special seats, steering cover, special floor mats, with providing a key less entry.

Maruti A-Star Aktiv

If we talk about the previous A star then it is available in six different models all with petrol engines, heart of Maruti A Star is blessed with KB series 998cc engine petrol engine with 3 cylinder and 12 valve which is capable enough to produce the power of 66.08bhp at the rate of 6200rpm and with a peak torque of 90Nm @ 3500rpm. Car also comes with four speed automatic transmission gearbox where as other variantrs of the car comes with five speed manual transmission gearbox. Automatic transmission gearbox is designed for promising higher acceleration and performance other then this automatic transmission gearbox also makes car fuel efficient. As compared to manual transmission gearbox. Hatchback can run at a top speed of 125-140 kilometers per hour and reaches from 0-100 in just a time gap of 17.5 seconds. Hatchback exteriors are very well designed on the European styling ,the overall styling of car is muscular and aerodynamic. While designing the car safety features were also equally kept in mind by the designers of the car, A Star is equipped with latest breaking and suspension system with high ground clearance and good turning radius. 

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