Monday, July 29, 2013

Maruti Wagon R Stingray- Coming This Festive Season

The popular and trendy wagon from Maruti is making a comeback in its new avatar. Released many years ago and went through a lot of revisions, this one was an all time top selling car in India and whenever they saw a dip in sales or saturation point in popularity, they immediately responded with a new and better model. The case is similar this time around too, Maruti Wagon R is about to get a new variant which is aimed at boosting the sells and revive the market share in entry level car segment. The new Stingray has been spotted on Indian roads and though it is still sometime to go when they announce it publicly available, there is already a lot of buzz building around the perspective launch.

Maruti Wagon R Pictures

As per the speculations from some unconfirmed sources, it is being scheduled for making a presence this festive season. The new Maruti Wagon R codenamed as Stingray will see some new features and a new exterior encapsulating a nice interior. The pricing is expected to go up and the Maruti Wagon R price for the newer model will cost around INR 25,000 more which makes it to INR 3.86 for the base model. Maruti Wagon R Specs a gorgeous design coupled with nice color options. The car has been kept very close to the original in feel and power yet there has been spotted some new element in design which is apparent in the first look. When one gets the first look at Maruti Wagon R pictures, the impressive square box design makes a mark, the wider front grill bordered by LED headlamps on either sides and multi panel tail lamps are some of those new elements which can be noticed here.

A nice looking dashboard sitting along side the steering wheel with a whole lot of buttons and displays is not so elegant but it is better as per the segment. Bigger boot and luggage space is the USP of this car. The power it derives from those 998 engines installed in every CNG and petrol variants, is a good 67 bhp which is less as compared to other variants in the market yet it is good on economy with it's above 20 km in a liter mileage. The fuel tank has been cut down in capacity to make more space for other important parts and it now fills to the top in just 35 liters of fuel, a considerable 15 liter less. The cabin comfortably accommodate 5 peoples.

Maruti Wagon R Pictures

The new product is expected to include a better set of auxiliary features to add in more to comfort and luxury. The air-conditioner, power windows, power steerings and central locking system has been included but they have deliberately missed out on some important details like the air-bags, which now have become a more general safety features and anti-locking braking system which is not present in current version as well.The new hatchback wagon will be launched very soon and when it will come, it will be more interesting to see how well it fares, though Maruti cars are always expected to do well in the initial months post launch. Hope this will get to better the sell volume which is currently around 10,000 units per year. Maruti also launching a new version of  Maruti Alto a high end trim. 

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