Monday, October 7, 2013

Maruti About To Launch Suzuki Stingray CNG Version

There is a news around that the Indian auto giant, Maruti Cars, is planning to bring the CNG version of its Maruti Stingray soon. Our reliable sources also stated that The Wagon R, which is the Stingray based on, is going to get a CNG kit and it also expected to trickle down to the Stingray. The CNG kit Maruti Stingray Price will most likely to be kept around Rs. 4.5 to 4.6 Lakh (New Delhi), which means that the CNG kit will cost more than 50,000 Rs. Extra. It implies that the Lxi may be priced almost the same. It seems a logical addition to get the CNG kit in order to hike the sales. However, the Wagon R, in spite of its CNG version, seems to have taken a beating because of the recession, consequently it has resulted in fall in the demand of the cars.

Maruti Stingray

There is no details about its engine, power and torque have not been revealed yet by the maker. However, we expect that it might come with a K10 + CNG kit with a displacement of 998 cc. The expected maximum power production of 67 bhp at 6200 rpm. Whereas, its engine's expected peak torque out put is 90 Nm accessible at 3500 rpm. All the power and torque production is sent via a belt to a 5 speed manual transmission with smooth and cursive gear-shifting.

Maruti Stingray

As far as Maruti Stingray Features are concerned, it might come with some special feature than its other avatars. For instance better suspension system than the previous ones. It has McPherson Strut at the front and isolated trailing link at the rear to offer the car lovers a drive with a lot of safety and comfort no matter where you drive it. In terms of speed, this car performs well as its kerb weight is not that much higher, it is 885 kg. The fuel tank capacity of the car is 35 litre. 

The braking system of the car has been laid pretty balanced keeping the CNG power in mind. It is anticipated to come with front disc and drum at the bottom to provide more safety not only on traffic packed roads of a city but on the jerky and bumpy terrains if you take it in the outskirts of India.On the grounds of Maruti Stingray Pictures, we can say the design is quite similar to its elder versions, however, the maker has tried to give it a different look with some minor tweaks as per the pictures available on various sites of this forthcoming hatch. There are no details about the colour scheme and the variants of the CNG version.

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